Jenelle Evans Finally Speaks Out About Ensley’s Positive THC Test

Jenelle Evans may have watched MTV’s special Being Nathan last night, as the network wanted to show another side to Jenelle’s story. On the network, fans have seen her share her story for years but the guys she has dated throughout the years have never had their chance. Even though Nathan himself didn’t seem to happy about the editing, as expressed by his tweets, Evans is now revealing that some of the things that fans believe are false. This has to do with her custody case with Barbara.

Now that Evans is married to David Eason, she may not want to discuss Nathan on social media. But when people started talking about Jenelle losing custody of Jace completely thanks to Ensley’s positive THC blood test, she had to get involved. This is the first time she has publicly acknowledged that this happened. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that Ensley’s blood test had absolutely nothing to do with Jace being ripped away from her once again. As Barbara revealed on Teen Mom 2 a few weeks ago, the custody agreement leaves Jace with her full-time, whereas Jenelle gets every other weekend with him. It appears that this arrangement is one that Evans is happy about, as her mother can’t keep Jace from her.

The discussion began when one person claimed that David was way more violent than Nathan Griffith and that Barbara only got to keep Jace because of this positive THC test. Evans hasn’t said anything about the blood test to the public, so fans have had to draw conclusions from online reports. However, Barbara has revealed that she knew about the blood test from the birth, so she adds tremendous credibility to the story.

“There’s court documents to back everything up. Her David and Ensley tested positive for weed that’s why Barbara got to keep Jace,” the person wrote on Twitter, to which Jenelle Evans wanted to give her opinion, writing, “Lmfao no… my mother and I agreed on a visitation schedule. No evidence against myself or against my mother was heard by the judge.”

On social media, Jenelle Evans does talk about her daughter, but she has never revealed that her daughter was born with THC in her system. While she doesn’t acknowledge the positive test, she doesn’t deny it either. She denies that Barbara used the drug test to keep Jace. Evans explains that she and her mother agreed on a visitation schedule and let the past be the past.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans denying that Ensley’s blood test played a role in her custody case? Are you surprised that she’s breaking her silence about this issue now?

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