Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Reportedly Will Enjoy Fabulous Engagement Party: Insiders’ Details!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been charming fans this month in their first public appearance together. Rumors that the prince and Meghan will soon be engaged are soaring, and Harry particularly delighted onlookers when he recently teased a little girl who wanted to share his popcorn, leading to speculation that the prince is eager to have his own child with Markle. Now a new report is describing all of the details of the engagement party that their pals reportedly are preparing.

Engagement Party Plans Versus Royal Wedding Extravaganza

Life & Style revealed that Meghan’s friends have taken on the task of preparing an engagement party that Markle and her prince will treasure and remember forever. From the theme to the food, Harry and Meghan are set to enjoy an extravaganza that does justice to the royal couple, insiders told the magazine.

Royal weddings have traditionally turned into a spectacle for the world to enjoy, with “over-the-top, super extravagant” preparations, pointed out the publication. But the royal family reportedly isn’t involved in arranging the prince’s and Markle’s festive engagement party. However, even though Harry’s brother William and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton may not be helping to plot the details of the prince’s celebration, it’s assumed that they will at least score invitations to the royal event.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out in public together at the Invictus Games. [Image by KGC-22/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

Meghan’s closest friends reportedly are so excited by the notion of their best friend tying the knot with the handsome prince that they’re determined to make this the dream engagement party for Markle, soon to be the Duchess. There’s just one reason for a delay. Harry’s and Meghan’s pals need to wait until they make their engagement official.

Please Pass The Tea And Scones To Prince Harry

Markle has known these friends for years, dating back to her school years. Consequently, when they debated where to hold the engagement party, Markle’s pals reportedly chose Los Angeles. But the prince will feel right at home because the engagement party will use a traditional English tea party as its adorable theme, said one of the insiders.

“Meghan’s school friends are organizing an English tea party…once she announces her engagement to Harry.”

Even though the prince is known for enjoying getting together with his buddies, this engagement party (and there are sure to be many festive celebrations after Harry and his girlfriend announce their engagement), is going to be primarily for Meghan’s pals, clarified the source.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Cucumber Sandwich?

Apparently Markle has been informed about the plans, although it’s not known if the prince will walk into the surprise party of his life. And even though just five to six of Meghan’s closest pals have received invitations so far, someone leaked the details.

“It will be an exclusive soiree.”

The menu features English tea, cucumber sandwiches, and scones. Showing just how well these friends know the actress, her favorite treat of lemon tarts will be served at the engagement party. Although the engagement party will be small, the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Markle already has become a highly anticipated event.

Meghan Markle Preparing Wedding Plans?

As for the size and theme of the engagement party to celebrate Harry and Meghan, the Suits star reportedly is on board. One of the insiders described her as “down-to-earth,” revealing that Markle has not changed despite her blossoming romance with the prince.

But it appears that Harry’s fondness for tea and crumpets has had an impact on his girlfriend. The insider revealed that although Meghan is not the type of person who would desire a “crazy Las Vegas-style” engagement party, she’s enthusiastic about the concept of a British-themed celebration.

“Meghan loves the idea of a sophisticated English tea party.”

As for who will snag one of the sure-to-be coveted engagement party invitations, Markle’s friend Priyanka Chopra is expected to rank high on the guest list. Life & Style reported that it is likely Chopra, who has appeared on Meghan’s Instagram page, will become the royal maid of honor.

Prince Harry Delays Engagement For Sweet, Unselfish Reason

When will the engagement party take place? Even though the friends have worked to create a fabulous celebration for Harry and his girlfriend, they may have to remain patient. The publication reported that she and the prince have chosen to wait to announce their happy news for a very sweet and unselfish reason.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are close to Harry. With the prince aware of their excitement over their baby, Harry reportedly made the decision to hold back on his engagement announcement for his brother and sister-in-law. It seems that the prince and Meghan did not want to take the spotlight away from Kate’s and William’s delight in their new baby news.

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