‘Battle Of The Sexes’ Star Natalie Morales Calls Out Paparazzi & The Press For Body-Shaming, Sexist Pics

Battle of the Sexes star Natalie Morales is speaking up against sexism and body-shaming after a photographer shot an upskirt image of her during a red-carpet event.

Based on a report from Vox, the 32-year-old American actress is facing two adversaries at the moment after intrusive pictures of herself emerged online: the paparazzi who took the photo and the press who labeled it as a “wardrobe malfunction.”

The story began when Morales’ current film Battle of the Sexes held its Los Angeles premiere on September 16. The actress attended the event, wearing a stunning dress with a dramatic slit.

All things should’ve been perfect except one of the photographers decided to angle his camera in a way that captures Natalie’s intimate parts. The press has since reported about the matter, dubbing it as a “wardrobe malfunction.”

This got Natalie Morales angry as she took to Twitter to give the paparazzi and the press a piece of her mind.

On September 25, the 32-year-old White Collar star began a series of posts on Twitter, expressing her disgust not only at the photographer who took the photos but also to those who spread it in order to shame the Battle of the Sexes star.

“It’s a high-a** slit because I like the way my leg looked & I wanted to get me some of that Angie look, but I wasn’t showing you my bits.”

“Also, JOKES ON YOU, I was wearing skin colored underwear so you can’t actually see my bits. But if you could? I wouldn’t be [embarrassed],” she wrote in the ten-part statement via Twitter.


After the series of Tweets got its fair share of attention online, Natalie Morales had been contacted to provide a full statement about them. Again, she took to Twitter to express her disgust at how the sexist world we live in.


Quite notably, the Battle of the Sexes star emphasized that the matter was not just a celebrity problem but one that “tear down women and reduce them to a sum of body parts, to be at once both sexualized and shamed.”

“We are held to an impossible standard, where our bodies and our faces must be perfect and if for one second we are in any way human, like say, just walking around, doing our jobs — we are torn down. Well, you cannot tear me down.”

Natalie Morales further noted that the intrusive photo did not really show her “bits” and that she would not be embarrassed even if people can actually “see anything” there.


Many celebrities have suffered from wardrobe malfunctions but not all are actual “malfunctions,” as Morales’ statement revealed. Interestingly, there are little reports about “wardrobe malfunctions” among male celebrities, which may support the actress’ accusation that the paparazzi and the press single out ladies in their body-shaming schemes.

Even so, male celebrities also suffer from wardrobe problems including inadvertent slips, but you have to pay very close attention to see them, as Life & Style magazine noted.

Do you think Natalie Morales was body-shamed by sexist paparazzi and press with the intrusive Battle of the Sexes red carpet photo? Sound off in the comments below.

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