‘Little People, Big World:’ Tori Roloff Is Done With ‘Perfect Parents,’ Calls For Support, Not Criticisms

Tori Roloff is probably the most down-to-earth, humble, and low-key reality TV star out there. Friendly, open-minded, pleasant, and usually bubbly, the Little People, Big World star invokes an air of positivity. As recently revealed in a series of posts in her Instagram Story, however, it seems like even Tori Roloff could reach the end of her rope.

The Little People, Big World star loves sharing photos of her family to her hundreds of thousands of social media fans. Almost every day, Tori shares cute family pictures and various adorable images of Baby Jackson. Unfortunately, Tori also receives a steady stream of criticism from some of her social media followers, many of whom consistently point out what they believe are flaws in Tori’s parenting style.

In a rare act of assertiveness, Tori finally put her foot down on her social media critics in her most recent Instagram Story. In a series of posts, Tori explained her side to her followers, telling her critics that instead of throwing shade, her followers should instead be supportive of everyone.

“Friends, I love posting about my boys because I love sharing them with you. But all these ‘perfect’ parents… I know we all have opinions of how we should parent and take care of our kids. But as mamas, we should be building each other, not tearing each other down.”

Tori also emphasized that mothers are fully responsible for the health and well-being of their child. The LPBW star also stated that at the end of the day, only mothers know what is really best for their children. Tori further assured her massive social media following that she is taking the care of Baby Jackson very seriously and that while her some of her methods are quite unorthodox, her parenting style is not wrong.

“Only you can know what’s best for your child. I promise I take all aspects of parenting and safety seriously. But y’all, what I do with my kid may be different than you, and that doesn’t make me wrong.”

Lastly, Tori Roloff directly asked her social media followers to reduce the “perfect parent” comments on her posts. According to Tori, it would be best if she could continue doing what she loves — posting photos of her growing family — without getting as much parenting criticism from her followers.

“So please keep the ‘perfect parent’ comments to a minimum so I can continue sharing what I love.”

In true Tori Roloff fashion, she ended her Instagram Story update on a positive note, through a series of new photos and video clips of Baby Jackson. The new images and videos, which show Baby J at his most adorable, were received very well by the LPBW community.

What do you think about Tori Roloff’s latest update on her Instagram Story? Do her social media followers really tend to be overly critical of the LPBW star’s parenting style, or is Tori simply being too sensitive? Sound off in the comments below!

Little People, Big World is currently filming its newest season and is expected to air sometime later this year on TLC.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]

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