Misspelled Walt Disney World Road Sign Directs Guests To ‘Epoct’ And Goes Viral

The 35th anniversary of Walt Disney World’s second theme park is just a few days away, but all of the attention isn’t on Epcot right now. It’s on “Epoct.” On Tuesday, a road sign on Walt Disney World property was spotted by a number of guests, but one happened to get a picture of it and post it on social media. It took almost no time at all for the misspelled sign to go viral and it has left many wondering how it managed to get put up at all.

All across Walt Disney World property, there are street signs and lights and directions to the different parks and resorts. The iconic purple, red, white, and yellow road signs direct guests to wherever they need to go, but weather and time can make them dull and in need of a paint job.

That is likely what took place with this sign which listed two theme parks and the marketplace shopping area known as Disney Springs. There was no problem with that listing or even with Magic Kingdom, but it was the third name which stood out to so many people.

Instead of reading “Epcot” as it should have, the sign simply directed people to “Epoct.”

According to Click Orlando, the misspelled sign was up on Western Way near Buena Vista Boulevard which is near Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. There is a lot of construction going on in that area which has had signs taken down and put back up while everything is taking place.

One of the first images was taken by a Tim Smyth who spotted the error on Tuesday and the sign was still up as of Wednesday afternoon. Some reports on social media state that the sign has since been taken down and is likely to be replaced with one with all locations spelled correctly, but pics continued to roll out into Wednesday evening.

Epcot will celebrate its 35th anniversary this weekend and the name is actually an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. While it’s not known who is responsible for the misspelling, it’s hard to comprehend that no one noticed it.

Disney has not commented on the sign.

With the 35th anniversary of Epcot set to take place this Sunday on Oct. 1, the park isn’t getting the best press as of late. Just last week, a young boy managed to get away from his family and jump into a fountain in a video that has gone viral. Now, this misspelled road sign for “Epoct” has people getting a good laugh all over social media. While it’s not the best attention, it likely won’t matter as Walt Disney World’s second park is going to be overflowing with guests this weekend.

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