Shark Bites Swimmer, Latches Onto His Stomach In Horrifying Video Taken In Florida

A shark bit a swimmer and latched onto his stomach, unwilling to release its grip. The horrifying event was captured on video and is going viral. Ervin Maccarty was in a boat with some of his friends swimming and diving for lobsters when he endured a painful shark attack.

New York Post reports that Maccarty was swimming off the coast of Marathon, Florida, when he was attacked by the shark earlier this month. He’d been eating lunch on the boat when his friends were diving for lobsters. One of his pals came up for air and said he’d shot a grouper with a spear gun and that it was stuck in a hole about 10 feet under water. Since Maccarty was skilled at getting groupers out of holes, the captain asked him to go down and help retrieve it. As it turns out, a nurse shark rushed out of another hole, bit Maccarty, and refused to let go. It stayed latched onto his stomach until he got in the boat, which was a struggle since the shark was trying to tear into him. Maccarty had to swim without using his hands as he tried to prevent the small but mighty shark from pulling him down.

As the video shows, Ervin Maccarty was writhing in pain as his friends tried to get the shark’s teeth pulled off his stomach. One of the guys asked Maccarty if the shark was on his private parts because it was difficult to see exactly where it was on him. When Maccarty was on his back, it was evident the shark wasn’t showing him any mercy.

Warning: Video contains graphic content

As the swimmer tried prying the shark off of him, one of his friends took a knife and began slicing into it. Maccarty yelled for him not to cut into him or have the shark bleed out on him, but there was plenty of blood spurting out from the shark. Daily Mirror reports that a woman can be heard yelling at the man with the knife to “stab” the shark.

Luckily, the shark’s teeth were eventually pulled from the man’s stomach. Maccarty didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but had a huge bite mark from the alarming shark attack. No doubt the experience has shaken him up for a little while!

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