Prince Harry An Incompetent Soldier? Prince Philip Cheated On Queen? British Politician Makes Shocking Charges

When he did a 20-week tour of duty in in Afghanistan back in 2012 in 2013, Britain’s Prince Harry — who served as an Apache helicopter commander — was actually an incompetent soldier and totally unqualified pilot who failed his exams on four occasions and rather than manning the controls, “just sits there going ‘vroom vroom.”” At least, that is the claim made by British politician Emma Dent Coad, the member of parliament who represents Kensington and Chelsea, the London district where the royal family have the palaces that serve as their official homes.

But Dent Coad did not stop there in her Monday comments. The 62-year-old Labour Party member serving her first term in parliament also alleged that Prince Philip, the 96-year-old husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, herself age 91, cheated on his wife, the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s lengthy history, “for quite a few years.”

Dent Coad is the first member of the left-wing Labour Party to represent the royal family’s home district, normally a Conservative stronghold. She made her comments about the British royals at a Monday event organized by the organization Labour For A Republic, a group that supports the Labour Party while also advocating for the abolition of the British monarchy.

Britain’s Prince Harry tests the controls on an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan in this photo taken in 2012. [Image by John Stillwell/AP Images]

At the event, one activist reportedly called for the members of the royal family to be executed via guillotine — a suggestion to which Dent Coad, according to media reports out the United Kingdom, offered no response.

“Harry can’t actually fly a helicopter. He tried to pass the helicopter exam about four times and he couldn’t get through it at all so he always goes for the co-pilot,” the politician said at the event, according to the reports. “So he just sits there going ‘vroom vroom’.”

Other Labour Party officials were quick to defend the prince from Dent Coad’s accusations, however. John Woodcock, a former chair of the party’s defense committee called the Kensington MP’s remarks “highly inaccurate,” adding, “I am really sorry this happened.”

Another high-ranking Labour Party official, Angela Rayner, while stopping short of asking Dent Coad to retract her comments, was effusive in her praise for Prince Harry and his older brother, heir to the British throne Prince William, saying that they had made the royal family “trendy again.”

“I personally feel the current generation – Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate – have done the royal family proud,” Rayner added.

There appears to have been less defense offered for Prince Philip, however, after Dent Road accused him of infidelity in his marriage to Queen Elizabeth. The royal couple has been hitched since November 20, 1947, meaning that Dent Coad’s accusations come less than two months before their 70th wedding anniversary.

Britain Member of Parliament Emma Dent Coad, who is under fire for her derogatory remarks about Prince Harry and Prince Philip. [Image By Alastair Grant/AP Images]

“The Queen might want to step back when she hasn’t got her (cough, cough) soulmate beside her,” Dent Coad quipped at the Monday event. “He’s been mucking about for years. He’s not been a faithful husband.”

On Wednesday, Dent Coad — faced with “backlash” that she said had “opened the gates to hell” — partially walked back her comments about Prince Harry’s ability, or lack thereof, to fly a helicopter, saying that it was simply an allegation she had heard but could not support with facts.

“I actually also said, ‘I have been told this, but if I have made a mistake I will hold my hands up,'” the Labour MP remarked on Wednesday. But she refused to apologize for her accusations against Harry — as well as for her claims that Prince Philip has cheated on Queen Elizabeth.

“Oh no, shock horror. I’m not going to respond to that, everyone knows what’s going on,” she said. “I don’t want to get into the detail of it because it’s got out of hand.”

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