Lamar Odom Reportedly Devastated By Kardashian Pregnancy, Wishes It Was His Baby

Lamar Odom is absolutely heartbroken that Khloe Kardashian is officially pregnant with her first child to Tristan Thompson, it’s been alleged.

The former athlete, who is said to have given up on trying to win Khloe back, was stunned by the news when he found out about it earlier this week, sources claim.

Lamar Odom and Kardashian had spent years trying to conceive and have a child together, only for the reality star to admit during the most recent season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she “fake tried” to get pregnant.

In the episode, the 33-year-old revealed that Lamar Odom’s drug addiction made her realize that bringing a child into the world, under those circumstances, was unreasonable, so she pretended to try and conceive the couple’s first child.

So, for Lamar Odom to now learn that his ex-wife is expecting a child with her basketball playing boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, the former Lakers star certainly hasn’t taken the news too well, according to Hollywood Life.

He’s absolutely crushed by the news that his former partner is expecting her first child.

Lamar Odom is happy to know that Khloe is in a better mindset these days, especially knowing all the trauma and stress he had caused her for years on end throughout their marriage.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that he supposedly still has feelings for her and to know that she will become a mother to Tristan’s baby has left a weird feeling in Lamar Odom’s body — one that doesn’t resonate with him.

In his mind, he was always going to be with the reality star, but after having seen how serious the TV personality had gotten with her boyfriend of one year, it seemed rather apparent that there was no going back for Khloe, who claims to be happier than she’s ever been before.

Lamar Odom is taking the news as graciously as he can. While he wishes his ex-wife nothing but a healthy pregnancy, he’s devastated that the duo couldn’t work things out and get back together, especially now that Lamar is said to be sober.

Do you feel sorry for Lamar Odom?

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