Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Cops At Her Home: Husband Michael Isn’t Beating Her

Kelly Dodd is the first to admit that her marriage isn’t perfect. On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly opened up about how she had tried to divorce Michael once, but he resisted. He didn’t sign the divorce papers, and she had to break off her engagement to another man. Kelly has revealed that her husband is a narcissist and often focuses on himself. Despite giving her a great life, Michael just wasn’t the man for her. But Kelly decided to get back together with him, and she gave him a second chance.

When reports surfaced that cops had shown up at her home late at night, people quickly assumed the worse. Since Kelly has spoken out negatively about her husband and since her co-star is caught up in rumors about domestic abuse, some people assumed things had reached new heights in their marriage and that she was being beaten behind closed doors. But Kelly is now breaking her silence about the night the cops showed up. Apparently, it was far from violent. According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that the cops are called often because of her neighbors.

Apparently, Kelly Dodd doesn’t have neighbors who love to party. When things get to be too loud next door, her neighbors decide to call the police for noise complaints. That could be why Kelly has listed her home and is preparing to move. Maybe she wants to find another home that allows her to have parties without having the cops show up. It seems like a fairly innocent excuse, as the neighbors are just frustrated with the noise levels. As it turns out, Dodd’s husband isn’t beating her. The cops aren’t showing up because they are getting into fights with one another. Even though Kelly supposedly just revealed she wants a divorce, the cops are not showing up because Michael is acting out.

These days, Kelly Dodd is spending time in Germany, as she wanted to experience October Fest. She’s there with a friend, and it sounds like Michael isn’t there with her. Maybe she just needed a good girl’s trip after wrapping up a dramatic season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. What do you think about Kelly Dodd being honest about why the police were called to her house?

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