LeeAnne Locken Threatening Cary: ‘RHOD’ Star Claims She Doesn’t Remember Conversation

LeeAnne Locken acted out on the previous season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne revealed that she wanted to kill her former friend Marie for talking about her behind her back. During a cast trip to Austin, Texas, the conversation got heated, and Locken lost control. Many would argue that this is one of the scariest scenes ever filmed in the entire Real Housewives franchise, as viewers felt that she could definitely hurt Marie if she tried.

However, when this new season began, Locken claimed she had changed. She wasn’t always proud of how she had come across on the show, and she wanted to prove to everyone that she wasn’t an aggressive bully.

According to a new report, LeeAnne Locken is now having a hard time explaining the threats she made during Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Before having surgery, LeeAnne revealed that she was furious with Cary Deuber for making fun of the doctor she had chosen for the surgery. During a get-together for an honest conversation, Cary mocked the doctor that Locken had chosen, and LeeAnne kept defending him. Instead of just letting it go, LeeAnne let it brew inside of her, and she lashed out at the doctor’s office. She went through with the surgery, and she appears to be happy with the result.

Before the surgery, LeeAnne Locken revealed that she would essentially hurt Cary Deuber by using her hands. She had previously threatened a friend with a knife, but she told Brandi Redmond that she didn’t need a knife. She had her hands. Brandi took that as a threat and decided to tell Cary that LeeAnne was planning on strangling her with her bare hands. Now, Locken reveals that she doesn’t recall the conversation at all.

“I honestly can’t recall this conversation. It’s horrible to watch it back on TV. If you feel disappointed in me while watching this, let me tell you, I feel it 1,000 times harder. This is not who I want to be and not how I want to be. When people push my buttons, I want to be calm and respond in a calm manner,” LeeAnne Locken explains on her Bravo blog, revealing that she doesn’t remember what was said during the conversation.

But one thing is for sure: She seemed very determined and passionate about this topic. It seems odd that she suddenly doesn’t remember anything. While she may have been tired and exhausted, she did whisper, so she must have known that Bravo was filming the door.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken’s comments about not remembering the conversation? Do you think this is a smart way for her to remove any responsibility?

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