Nathan Griffith Calls Jenelle ‘She-Devil’ After Reaching Out With Sweet Words For Her Wedding

Nathan Griffith did an interview before Jenelle Evans’ wedding, revealing that he was tired of co-parenting with her. He claimed that the Teen Mom 2 star didn’t do much so he could see his son. He was constantly left out of everything and claimed he hadn’t seen his son for months at times. He then dropped the bombshell that Kaiser was in his care the weekend she was getting married, and he had no plans of making things work in her favor.

Surely, Evans wanted her son with her at her wedding, but Nathan had plans to keep him for himself. When a fan asked him what he would tell Kaiser when he was missing from all of the wedding photos, Griffith may have thought twice about his plans.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now revealing that he did try to reach out to Jenelle on her wedding day after allowing her to keep Kaiser for the weekend. Griffith essentially gave up his time with his son so he could attend his mother’s wedding. In addition to going above and beyond, he also sent her some messages. On Twitter, Nathan revealed that he had congratulated her on her wedding several times, but she never replied. While he tried to be civil, the lack of replies made him tweet out that she was a “she-devil.”

Many of Jenelle’s fans came to her defense, revealing that she was probably busy with her wedding. While she was excited about her nuptials and Kaiser being there with her, she probably wasn’t checking her phone all the time. If she was checking her phone, one can imagine she was ignoring text messages from her mother and her ex-boyfriends, as she didn’t want drama on her big day.

She has revealed that she didn’t invite her mother because of their feud over Jace. Jenelle feels like her mother is purposefully fighting to keep Jace in her care, no matter what. She has also been fighting Nathan Griffith over Kaiser, but he feels like he’s making a big effort here by texting her on her wedding day.

After Nathan received some tweets from Evans’ fans about her not replying because she was busy with her wedding, Griffith changed his tune a bit. He wrote that Jenelle suffers from some deep-seeded childhood issues and that this could explain why she’s not replying to him. He seems to claim that he’s making an effort with her, but he’s shutting her out. He doesn’t mention that the reason why she’s not talking to him is that he wasn’t a perfect boyfriend during their relationship. Jenelle has revealed that Nathan may have cheated on her.

What do you think about Nathan Griffith’s efforts on Jenelle Evans’ wedding day? Are you surprised that he’s making an effort even though he’s calling her a she-devil for not texting him back on her wedding day?

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