Leah Messer Doesn’t Care About Her Appearance On ‘Teen Mom 2’ Anymore

Leah Messer has filmed Teen Mom 2 since she was just a young teenager who had just given birth to her twin girls. Leah and Corey Simms eventually divorced, and Leah remarried. She married Jeremy Calvert and had another baby girl, but that marriage ended in shambles as well.

During her second marriage, Messer started to struggle with depression and anxiety. She realized that she needed some help, as she was passing out in front of the cameras and slurring her words. Teen Mom 2 fans thought she was high on drugs, and Leah eventually admitted that she was mixing medications that weren’t supposed to be mixed. One can imagine Messer doesn’t care about having a bad hair day while filming, as she has gone through the ringer with viewers thanks to her reaction to medications.

When a fan reached out to Leah about fangirling from afar, Messer revealed that the fan should have talked to her about getting a photo. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer reveals that she doesn’t care what she looks like, if she has messy hair, or if her makeup is odd. She will still take photos with people. The fan revealed that she hadn’t done her makeup and felt odd asking Leah for a picture, but Messer reveals that she has relaxed standards when it comes to personal appearances, and her own experience on Teen Mom 2 could be why.

“Girlll, I’ve had bad hair/makeup days on National Tv. Who cares, you should’ve asked!” Leah Messer wrote back to the follower, revealing that fans should just ask from now on.

Based on her past with medication issues and filming the show in sweatpants, it sounds like she doesn’t care about what she looks like on the show. That’s not where her priorities are. Messer is one of the Teen Mom women who doesn’t really care about becoming famous. She hasn’t written a book, she doesn’t really attend events, and she just likes to hang around West Virginia and be present for her children. She doesn’t talk about a career in Hollywood and she has no interest in filming reality television spin-off shows. In fact, she doesn’t really seem to push her business, Lipsense, to the point where fans are growing tired of it. She seems to be fairly passive in her business ventures and is just now starting to explore her passions.

What do you think of Leah Messer not really caring what she looks like?

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