Katie Holmes Reportedly Won’t Talk Tom Cruise For Shocking Cause: Suri, Religion Or Jamie Foxx Involved?

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have been seen together as an adorable duo for years, with Katie enjoying mommy-and-me excursions with the daughter who once called Tom Cruise “Daddy.” But now, after several years where Tom reportedly has not even seen Suri, it’s Jamie Foxx who appears to have stepped in and filled the void in Holmes’ and her daughter’s lives. With so much time having passed, it seems inevitable that at some point, a curious journalist will do a co-interview with Katie and Suri. But will the topic of Cruise even be allowed on the table, or will Holmes be so determined to protect her daughter from possible pain that she’ll go into mama bear mode?

Suri Cruise Missing Tom Cruise In 2017?

Life & Style magazine told readers on September 27 that despite endless speculation about why Katie doesn’t talk about Tom in interviews, the rumored reason actually isn’t true.

“There’s a reason Katie Holmes doesn’t talk about ex-husband Tom Cruise — and it’s not what you think.”

In 2016, rumors soared that Holmes refused to talk about Cruise because of a specific clause in the divorce. But insiders told Life & Style that the rumors simply are not factual. Instead, Katie reportedly will not discuss Tom because she is determined to do everything that she can to protect Suri.

Katie Holmes reportedly is so determined to protect Suri Cruise that she won’t even talk about Tom Cruise to friends. [Image by Toby Canham/Getty Images]

Cruise’s 11-year-old daughter reportedly no longer misses Tom, according to one of the sources. Holmes is concerned, however, that if she does talk about Cruise, her daughter will be hurt.

Katie Holmes’ Nightmare

Consequently, whatever the cost, be it offending a friend who’s visiting the mom and daughter or annoying an interviewer, Katie avoids talking about Tom because she is so protective of Suri, said the insider.

“Katie doesn’t want to bring up [Tom Cruise] and have Suri start missing him all over again.”

Cruise reportedly has not been with his daughter in person since 2013. And the four years that have passed since their last up-close-and-personal encounter have only added to Holmes’ determination to protect her daughter, according to the insider. Whether she’s with a friend in an area away from the paparazzi or with the media, the actress reportedly has maintained her silence.

“Katie is more adamant than ever about not talking about him, publicly or privately,” added the source.

Although Holmes usually keeps Suri out of her Instagram photos, the actress just showed her love for her daughter by posting an Instagram picture for National Daughter Day.

Scientology Involved?

However, when it comes to the rumors that Scientology has something to do with Holmes’ silence about Tom, the insider confirmed that Cruise’s association with Scientology has given Katie another reason to steer clear of discussing Tom.

“[Tom Cruise’s] involvement with the Church of Scientology also doesn’t help.”

But the source also emphasized that regardless of religion, Suri remains Holmes’ primary motive for not discussing Tom. Cruise has been gone from their daughter’s life for such a long time that Katie reportedly thinks Suri doesn’t even really remember her father.

“With Tom missing from Suri’s life for so long, Katie believes her daughter has only distant memories of him,” clarified the insider.

Jamie Foxx Becomes Focus

The source also pointed out that it’s possible that Holmes is protecting herself as well as her daughter. Even though it’s been so long since Katie and her daughter had a close encounter with Cruise, the fear of being emotionally wounded by him remains, according to the insider.

“Katie doesn’t want to bring up his name and have Suri start longing to see Tom all over again. It would be too painful for both of them.”

Consequently, putting Jamie Foxx front and center reportedly has helped Holmes to stop thinking about her past with Cruise. Katie is particularly excited about her romance with Jamie because of what happened in February, another insider told Life & Style.

Jamie Foxx Proposes To Katie Holmes?

The reason that Holmes is so focused on her relationship with Foxx, 49, is all about romance, according to the source. Jamie reportedly proposed to Katie in February, even before Foxx and Holmes agreed that it was time to take their relationship public. But the insider revealed that Katie is still keeping the alleged engagement private.

“Katie has even worn the ring in front of friends but she’s always denied that it was an engagement ring.”

While Holmes has gone through some hard times, reportedly hiding her romance with Jamie for years because of an alleged clause in their divorce settlement, life after going public with Foxx is “a dream come true for Katie,” according to the source.

Holmes reportedly has longed for Jamie to marry her “for years,” said the insider. The actress also allegedly wanted to have another baby. Now, Foxx is up for the challenge, according to the source.

“For years, she has wanted Jamie to be her husband and has wanted to give her daughter, Suri, a brother or sister — and now Jamie’s ready to give that all to her,” said the insider. “Now she feels like all their time spent hiding was well worth it.”

Foxx has two daughters, 22-year-old Corinne and seven-year-old Annalise, from a previous relationship.

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