‘Survivor’ Season 35 Cast Of Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers And Players To Watch

Survivor returns with Season 35 on CBS with an interesting cast and theme. Season 35 of Survivor premieres on September 27, 2017 and the location is in Fiji for the fourth time. The 18 cast members will be divided into three tribes based on how others see their positive traits rather than how they see themselves. The tribes are heroes, hustlers, and healers.

The Levu tribe (Heroes) are as follows: Ben Driebergen, Alan Ball, John Hilsabeck, Chrissy Hofbeck, Ashley Nolan, Katrina Radke. Jeff Probst said that the heroes will be used to being respected in their communities and this may present a challenge for them in the Survivor environment where they aren’t granted the same level of respect. The cast of heroes are people who are perceived by others as being courageous. This group includes an NFL player, marine, Olympic swimmer, and firefighter.

The Soko tribe (Healers) are as follows: Cole Medders, Jessica Johnston, Roark Luskin, Joe Mena, Mike Zahalsky, Desiree Williams. Jeff Probst says that the cast of healers is a group that always put others before themselves and in Survivor you are forced to think about yourself first.

The third and finale tribe is the Yawa tribe (Hustlers) and they are as follows: Devon Pinto, Patrick Bolton, Ali Elliott, Lauren Rimmer, Ryan Ulrich, Simone Nguyen. This tribe is made of people who are perceived to work hard for the respect of others.

Jeff Probst said that Mike Zahalsky, who is a doctor, is one of the cast members to look out for. His humor will serve him well and is a loveable nerd.


Desiree Williams is also on Probst’s radar due to her selfless nature and how she will adapt to an environment where she has to think about her own wellbeing more.


Ben Driebergen is a marine that has had an interesting life and Jeff thinks he will be a fan favorite. Jeff describes Chrissy Hofbeck as a triple threat due to her accomplishments and intellect.


Early favorites to win Survivor Season 35 include wilderness therapy guide Cole Medders and Olympian Katrina Radke. As Survivor fans know, early favorites are often targeted for elimination as they will be perceived as hard to beat in the jury.

Athletic contestants may also be targeted early if they win individual immunities or help their tribe secure immunity.

Who are your favorite Survivor Season 35 cast members?

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