Tiny Harris, T.I. Amused By Wendy Williams Cheating Scandal: Talk-Show Host Ridiculed Over Husband’s Affair

Tiny Harris and her husband, T.I., reportedly feel vindicated after having learned about Wendy Williams and the cheating rumors she’s been faced with.

The talk-show has found herself in the midst of a scandal concerning her partner, Kevin Hunter, who is alleged to have had a ten-year affair with a female companion that is also said to be his massage therapist.

There’s plenty of evidence proving that Kevin had cheated on Wendy Williams, but the daytime talk-show host remains in denial, as seen in the statement she gave during the taping of yesterday’s episode.

Tiny Harris and T.I. found the comments about Wendy defending her husband rather amusing since nobody seems to believe her saying that the marriage she shares with Hunter is all and well.

Tiny Harris and her husband feel like the former radio personality is finally getting a dose of her own medicine, having ridiculed and laughed about other failed marriages in the past.

From every celebrity relationship that has crumbled or faced its ups and downs, Wendy has had an opinion on it, so it’s nice for T.I. and Harris to see the tables turn and be the judge of her supposed crumbling marriage with Kevin.

A source continues to tell Hollywood Life that Tiny Harris highly doubts Williams’ comments regarding the cheating story being false news is a lie because form her own experience, the TV personality is trying to protect her marriage from the public.

But in her eyes, Tiny is just happy to see that Wendy is now experiencing how hard and hurtful it can be to be scrutinized when going through a tough time with a significant other.

The singer strongly hopes that this scandal will humble the 53-year-old to be more careful and considerate with the choice of words she uses when talking recklessly about other people’s relationships.

The affair regarding Wendy’s husband and the massage therapist has left quite the impression on fans, who are siding with Tiny Harris, saying that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Are you agreeing with Tiny on this one? Should Wendy humble herself when talking bad about other people’s relationships?

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