Justin Bieber Apologizes After Telling Marilyn Manson ‘I Made You Relevant Again’

Is it too late now to say sorry? Apparently not for Justin Bieber as he apologized to Marilyn Manson after their T-shirt feud.

During Manson’s interview at The Howard Stern Show, the rock star revealed that he has been exchanging text messages with Bieber. The Canadian pop star expressed his apologies after using an unauthorized image of Manson on his shirt.

The controversial shirt was part of Bieber’s Purpose World Tour merchandise collection. It featured Manson’s face on the front and the phrase “Bigger than Satan… Bieber” on the back. The shirt sold for $195 at retail store Barneys and all the profit from it was later given to Manson.

The shirt’s designer, Jerry Lorenzo, took it to Instagram and stated that he asked permission from Manson before using the photo on the shirt. Lorenzo wrote that the shirt was even signed off by the rock star. However, Manson denied this and claimed that signing off doesn’t mean he allowed his face to be on the shirt.

Adding insult to injury, aside from Bieber’s usage of the unauthorized image, he even told Manson that he made the shock rocker relevant again. Manson expressed his annoyance with the pop star’s arrogance.

In an interview with Consequence of Sound, Manson says that he ran into Bieber in a fancy bar and that the “Sorry” singer was already wearing the shirt. According to Manson, Bieber even had the guts to tell him that he was made relevant again by him. The Antichrist Superstar singer says that it was a big mistake to tell this to him.

Marilyn Manson attends The Fashion Awards 2016 at Royal Albert Hall in London, England. [Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

The next day, Manson told Bieber that he would be present at his soundcheck at Staples Center to do “Beautiful People.” The shock rocker laughed this off and said that Bieber is stupid for believing him. He also recounted that the Canadian singer was a “touchy-feely” guy when he talks.

Manson revealed to Howard Stern that Bieber admitted to being an “a**hole.” Bieber texted that he assumed that their encounter was a pretty pleasant interaction. He apologized and said that even if he was an “a**hole,” it wasn’t his intention. Manson took this the good way and said that he promised to not talk “sh*t” about Bieber anymore.

Justin Bieber performs during Purpose World Tour at KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. [Image by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

Fortunately for Bieber, the nasty disagreement didn’t end up in a legal battle. Bieber decided to replace his arrogance with humility as he reached out to Manson.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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