Week 4 NFL Picks And Predictions: Raiders Vs. Broncos, Redskins Vs. Chiefs, And Cowboys Vs. Rams

Week 4 NFL picks and predictions from the experts are already coming in. The Week 4 NFL schedule has a number of interesting games on it, including the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins vs. Kansas City Chiefs. A few teams may already be in must-win situations as well, with the Seattle Seahawks hosting the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night (October 1) and the Los Angeles Chargers trying to finally win a game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

A report by CBS Sports gives their Week 4 NFL picks and predictions, with seven experts weighing in this time. With an odd number of expert predictions, that should alleviate any of the ties that have been projected in past weeks. There are a few games that they are split on, including a 4-3 vote of the New Orleans Saints beating the Miami Dolphins and a 5-2 vote for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beating the New York Giants. There are also quite a few one-sided predictions in the Week 4 NFL schedule.

Unanimous predictions from within the Week 4 NFL picks at CBS include the Green Bay Packers beating the Chicago Bears, the Atlanta Falcons beating the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots beating the Carolina Panthers, the Arizona Cardinals beating the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks beating the Indianapolis Colts, and the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Washington Redskins. The Redskins vs. Chiefs game is the Monday night game (October 2) this week.

While there are 14 submissions from the CBS experts in the Week 4 picks and predictions, two games on FOX didn’t make the cut this time. They are the Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers. Both should be good games for fans watching on television, with all four teams really needing to emerge from the weekend with important victories. The winner of the Detroit vs. Minnesota game could be the first-place team in the NFC North by the end of the day.

Week 4 NFL Picks And Predictions (From CBS Sports)

Green Bay Packers beat Chicago Bears

New Orleans Saints beat Miami Dolphins

Dallas Cowboys beat Los Angeles Rams

Tennessee Titans beat Houston Texans

Jacksonville Jaguars beat New York Jets

Atlanta Falcons beat Buffalo Bills

Pittsburgh Steelers beat Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals beat Cleveland Browns

New England Patriots beat Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat New York Giants

Arizona Cardinals beat San Francisco 49ers

Denver Broncos beat Oakland Raiders

Seattle Seahawks beat Indianapolis Colts

Kansas City Chiefs beat Washington Redskins

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings (No Pick)

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers (No Pick)

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