Duggar Family News: Jill, Jessa, Jinger, And Joy-Anna Duggar May Lose Molestation Lawsuit

Duggar family has been struggling to recover from the scandal that Josh Duggar caused back in 2015. Two years ago, it was revealed that the 29-year-old Duggar had molested his younger sisters — Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna Duggar — when he was still a minor. This got the family’s famous TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, canceled and threw the whole family into a crisis, as their major form of income was through their show.

Since then, they have recovered economically by launching a spin-off called Counting On, in which Jill and Jessa Duggar and their growing families become the focal point. With their other siblings — Jinger, Joy-Anna, and now Joseph Duggar — getting married, the show has expanded to include how these couples navigate their new relationships.

Earlier this year, the four sisters, who were molested by their older brother, surprised the public by suing the city of Springdale and Washington County, Arkansas, as well as In Touch Weekly for releasing their names to the public. Their reasoning is that they were minors when the crime happened and they deserved to have their identities protected by the government.

The latest development in this lawsuit is that the “Arkansas officials are seeking immunity from being sued,” according to Page Six. Their reasons for this is that the information they released was already “public knowledge.”

Check out the Duggar kids sans Josh.

Another development that Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna has to deal with is the fact that their molester is trying to join their case. Earlier last month, it came out that Josh Duggar also thought that his identity was wrongly released to the public and that he also deserved protection.

The turn of events on this matter is that the sisters immediately requested the judge to stop him from doing so.

“It would appear that things aren’t hunky-dory if they are having public legal battles. That would indicate they’re not coordinating things with each other,” attorney Troy Slaten, who does not work with the Duggars, shared with E! News. “They are not on the same side […] If everything was good, they may want to help each other’s legal strategy but here, they clearly have opposing legal interest.”

After it was revealed that Josh molested his four sisters, he was not allowed on the family’s reality TV show. The family also limited his appearance on social media. However, after the birth of his fifth baby, Mason Garrett Duggar, he has been showing up on the family blog and Facebook page more often, his wife Anna often by his side for support.

The four sisters are now all married and have moved away from the family home. Considering that Josh Duggar still lives on the family compound, they may feel relief from the fact that they do not have to face him daily.

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