Tesla Model 3 Gets New Features For Smartphone Car Key Mobile App

Owners of the Tesla Model 3 are getting several new features packed into the carmaker’s robust mobile app for smartphones. The newest update on Tesla’s app gives car owners features that Model S and Model X owners previously had available to them, as well as a few new options. These come in addition to the app being able to work with Tesla’s energy technology system. Here are the latest details on what is included in the Tesla mobile app for Model 3 car owners.

Tesla Model 3 cars don’t use a key fob, but rather a digital keycard as well as Bluetooth technology in a special smartphone app to unlock and use the car. As Teslarati‘s Matt D’Angelo recently reported, new features were added to the Tesla mobile app in addition to what the Tesla Model S and Model X cars already had there. Owners of the other car models had the ability to control their car’s interior climate, monitor the vehicle location, as well as a valet mode, and “Summon” controls on the app. The Tesla mobile app has received new updates that allow for opening the Tesla Model 3’s front trunk, referred to as the “frunk,” and its rear trunk right from one’s mobile phone.

Tesla recently unveiled some new app updates for Model 3 owners. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

The Tesla mobile app is available for download via the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app is not only designed for use with Tesla vehicles but also with the company’s Powerwall technology. The Tesla Powerwall is a power source that can be ultimately used with Tesla’s solar power technology to power one’s home and go off the grid. In addition, the Powerwall can serve simply as backup power in the event of power outages or natural disasters.

Among the biggest features built into the “smartphone key” for Tesla car owners are the abilities to unlock and drive their electric vehicles. However, other features also are available at the touch, tap, or swipe of a finger. A range status indicates the car’s current range as well as charging status or notifications for when charging is complete. The “Valet Mode” will limit the vehicle’s functionality once the car is turned over to valet services. Basically, personal data on the touchscreen will be hidden, the trunk and glove compartment are each locked, and the car’s maximum speed and performance can be limited for the valet driver.

The Tesla Model 3 is the newest of the Tesla EVs and was made at a more “affordable” starting price of $35,000. Limited production first started back in July and customers who pre-ordered the cars are starting to get them, although those who place newer orders may be waiting into next year. That said, as Tesla continues to innovate with their technologies and their abilities to speed up production, these cars seem like they’ll only grow in popularity. Having the convenience and ease of use of controls from one’s smartphone will surely help in that growth.

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