#ElenaExposedParty Explodes On Twitter Over Past Tweets By ‘BB19’ Player Elena Involving Race And Sexuality

It’s not uncommon for Big Brother cast members who have been cut off from the real world for months to exit the game and face public scrutiny for past behavior or comments they have made on social media. This seems to be the case for BB19 houseguest Elena Davies, who, in the past, has posted some controversial messages on Twitter, involving race and sexuality, causing a number of users to come up with the #ElenaExposedParty hashtag.

Apparently, according to a recent Big Brother 19 RHAP update, Elena had locked her Twitter account upon entering the Big Brother 19 house. When the game was over after Wednesday night’s live finale show, she reportedly opened the account up for public viewing once again.

Big Brother 19 fans presumably began sifting through her Twitter posts and many are outraged at what they find to be offensive messages posted by the BB19 cast member.

Screenshots, comments, and criticisms abound when searching Twitter using the #ElenaExposedParty hashtag, as users have memorialized several tweets that when perusing Elena’s account at present, cannot be found. Some, however, still seem to be active on Elena’s Twitter page.

One tweet that is still available has several people very upset and was posted by the Big Brother 19 cast member in 2013. In it, Elena replies to the post of an African American woman using the Twitter handle @carichards07. The woman wrote, “I finished a whole bag of watermelon by myself #blackpeopleprobz #whatismylife.”

In response, Elena replied by asking, “@carichards07 Did you have fried chicken and waffles before or afterrrrrr the watermelon? Oh! And what flavor of kool-aid???”

It seems that @carichards07 saw it as a joke and then responded to Elena’s comment with, “I had that last night actually and grape koolaid of course! Lol Just kidding.”

Those commenting on the exchange were angry with Elena, while some found fault with @carichards07, who they believe should have never let Elena’s comment slide as a quip.

Another even earlier tweet of Elena’s, posted in 2012, has also been a topic of conversation for the #ElenaExposedParty, as she talks about getting into a fight with a “gay guy” at a fast food establishment called WhataBurger and then writes, “Chick-fil-A? Huh?”

When Twitter user @gabaldon14 asked her if the incident took place at a particular Whataburger, Elena tweeted, “That’s exactlyyy where it all went down. If you saw a homo in a pony tail there… I told him what was up.”

Twitter users are now accusing Elena of racism and homophobia, among other things, calling some of her posts offensive and problematic.

On Monday, Elena seems to have tried to respond to the #ElenaExposedParty criticisms of her by tweeting, “Haha! My ex that I dated for several years was half black… Definitely have love for all the colors of the world.”

Instead of helping, this seemed to make matters worse as the replies she got from her tweet, in essence, called her a “racist,” with one Twitter user equating her tweet to using the line, “some of my best friends are black.”

Despite the controversy, it appears Elena and her BB19 showmance partner, Mark Jansen, are still going strong, as her Instagram account shows them out and about with various friends and fellow cast members.

Although this season of Big Brother is over, in just a few short months Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere on CBS hitting airways this winter. Although the United Kingdom has been airing its version of CBB for years, this will be the first time a celebrity version will air in the United States.

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