Milo Ventimiglia Tells ‘This Is Us’ Fans To Cut Miguel Some Slack

During the first season of This Is Us, fans were won over by the heartfelt moments and even the tears that were often shed for the Pearson clan. With the series surprising fans in the very first episode by revealing that the story was being told in both the past and present day, there were plenty of shocking moments along the way. This includes the reveal that Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, is no longer with the family in the present day. Instead, Rebecca Pearson, played by Mandy Moore, is now married to Jack’s best friend, Miguel.

As the first season of This Is Us slowly revealed these moments to fans, many were upset over the idea of Jack’s best friend marrying his widow. However, it would seem that Milo Ventimiglia has something to say about that, according to Today.

In a new interview with Ventimiglia, the actor revealed that he wants fans to cut Miguel some slack. While many fans may have considered Miguel and Rebecca getting married after Jack’s apparent death to be a betrayal of friendship, Milo Ventimiglia told fans that they “shouldn’t be mad at Miguel.” Rather than be upset by what they may see as a betrayal, the actor shared that he believes they should stick around and watch what happens, all while trying to keep an open mind. Milo Ventimiglia made it clear that Miguel will actually “earn it” when it comes to his marriage to the Pearson matriarch.

While Ventimiglia had no problems telling fans about Miguel and urging them to give him a chance to prove that he did the right thing in being there for Rebecca, that does not mean he would reveal the truth behind what happened to his character in the past. Even when the actor was asked outright what happened to Jack and how does he die, he refused to give a straight answer. Instead, he joked that Toby killed him.

Although Milo Ventimiglia did not reveal how Jack dies in This Is Us, he did get serious when saying that as with the first season, this year will be just as emotional. He said that much like “Season 1, you’re going to want more, but your heart’s going to get ripped out and you’ll be a mess of tears.” Of course, he also said that there will be times of happiness as well.

Fans of This Is Us will get to see how Miguel earns his place beside Rebecca, as well as all of the other moments that will bring change to the Pearson family, when the second season premieres on September 26 on NBC.

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