Will ‘Life Of Kylie’ Be Renewed Now That She Is Reportedly Pregnant?

Kylie Jenner’s reality TV show, Life of Kylie, looked like it was in danger of being canceled. However, that may change now that the star is reportedly pregnant.

Radar Online reports that there’s a good chance the show will be renewed because of the pregnancy. One alleged insider added that Kylie may have gotten pregnant to make the second season of her show possible.

“Kylie was devastated by her spinoff’s ratings, and knew that she needed something big if she was going to get another season,” the insider said.

There are also claims that Kylie may have gotten pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby to get back at her ex-boyfriend, Tyga.

Interestingly enough, there may have been clues on Life of Kylie that indicated that the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan was pregnant.

Bustle reports that a shaman Kylie saw while she was on the show may have predicted that the lip-kit mogul was with child. Kylie visited the shaman during a trip to Peru which was documented on Life of Kylie. While there, the shaman told her that Travis Scott was “inside of her” and “looking at her.” That could be interpreted as meaning that Travis Scott’s baby was inside of her.

Kylie also experienced “altitude sickness” on that trip, which may have actually been nausea and/or vomiting stemming from her pregnancy.

It doesn’t seem like many of Kylie Jenner’s fans noticed the clue when it happened. Or perhaps enough of them didn’t watch the show to catch on to this major spoiler alert about Kylie’s life. According to Headline Planet, only 666,000 viewers tuned into Life of Kylie’s season finale. The numbers are understandable when you consider that the episode was up against the season finale of Game of Thrones and the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. However, the show’s ratings dropped every week since it premiered on August 6. The critics’ reviews weren’t good either, with many saying that you can learn more about Kylie Jenner from following on social media than watching her show.

According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a baby girl. Do you think that Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy will prompt the renewal of her show, Life of Kylie? Do you think more of her fans will tune in if she focuses the show on her new life as a mom? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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