Katie Holmes Reportedly Betrayed Tom Cruise With Jamie Foxx: Now Faces Alleged Betrayal From ‘Bad Boy’ Beau

Katie Holmes just can’t seem to get a break when it comes to the rude rumor mill. First Holmes faced endless reports that despite trying to keep her romance private, she and Jamie Foxx were having a secret affair. When Katie and Jamie finally confirmed those romantic rumors by going out together in public, speculation soared that Holmes had somehow betrayed her ex-husband Tom Cruise by dating Foxx, who used to be Tom’s buddy. Now, in the newest report about Katie, the mom of Suri Cruise is allegedly being betrayed herself by Jamie.

Suri Cruise’s Mom Betrayed By Beau?

According to Radar Online, Holmes felt disgraced and “horrified” when she reportedly discovered that Foxx himself had allegedly “betrayed” an ill family member.

“[Katie Holmes] is blindsided by new bad boy beau’s secret double life.”

Although Jamie and Katie were seen smiling as they walked together on a beach recently, their happy faces allegedly hid their secret relationship problems, according to what an insider told Radar. Calling Suri Cruise’s mom “devastated,” the source claimed that the actress was “betrayed” by Foxx’s reportedly secret life.

“[Jamie’s] twisted double life of secrets and scandals includes turning his back on a sick family member,” claimed Radar.

Will Katie Cut Off Her Romance With Her ‘Bad Boy’ Beau?

The question is how Holmes will respond. Is Foxx’s romance with Tom Cruise’s ex-wife over because of his alleged bad behavior? Will Katie give Jamie a second chance? Not even a month has passed since Holmes and Foxx took their formerly secret courtship to the next level, confirming their relationship with that highly publicized romantic walk on a Malibu beach earlier this month.

According to the source, although Katie’s and Jamie’s romance is still on, their relationship has been hit hard by his alleged actions.

“Their smitten smiles hide a romance that’s been rocked by Jamie’s depraved behavior.”

In terms of precisely what Foxx allegedly did, the actor reportedly ignored the health problems of a relative. Moreover, the insider claims that by keeping her romance with Foxx private, Katie herself was not aware of what was happening.

Katie Holmes’ Beau Allegedly Living A Double Life

Despite all that complicated speculation about why Holmes and Foxx kept their romance private for so long, Radar Online reported that the reason is relatively simple. Tom Cruise reportedly set up a five-year ban that prevented Katie from dating in public after their divorce. But Holmes allegedly succeeded in rebelling against that ban by hooking up with one of Tom’s closest friends at the time, Jamie.

Tom Cruise reportedly felt betrayed when he learned Katie Holmes was dating his former best friend, Jamie Foxx. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

However, according to the source, Katie’s alleged success in betraying Cruise by dating his pal has had a boomerang effect.

“Keeping their passion private allowed Foxx to hide the fact he’s been accused of turning his back on his own family!”

In addition, the insider detailed the specifics of Jamie’s reported family situation. His aunt, Veronica Fannin, is reportedly attempting to raise $5,000 for her grandson. Known as J.J., Jeffrey Todd Gilmore Jr. is the dad of three kids. He reportedly was ejected from a car, suffering a broken neck and spine that involves significant medical care, according to the source.

Family Member Speaks Out

“We’ve been reaching out to Jamie since December through his stepdad and other family members, but we’ve heard nothing. Jamie KNOWS J.J.,” Veronica told Radar, noting that she feels Foxx’s fame may be the reason.

“Fame changes people.”

Foxx’s relative described herself as “angry,” emphasizing that she wished he would help. The allegations about Jamie’s alleged refusal to help his relative come in the wake of Radar‘s previous reports that Katie also was “betrayed” when it comes to romance.

The actor allegedly is the father of two “love children” with two different women, while Holmes is raising her daughter Suri without the involvement of Tom Cruise. All of these allegations about Foxx have resulted in rumors of emotional pain for Katie.

“Jamie was Katie’s knight in shining armor after her divorce from Tom,” said the source.

Now, however, Holmes reportedly feels “betrayed and broken” because of Foxx, added the insider.

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