Chris Pratt Took An Online Quiz To Determine Which Hollywood Chris He Is And Didn’t Get Himself

Over the years as the world was introduced to Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, the four men have been labeled as the Hunky Leading Men of Hollywood Named Chris. While there has been some confusion at times as to which Chris is which over the past few years, all four men have stepped up with some defining roles that should have allowed people to tell them apart easily. However, it seems that even an internet quiz can’t determine which Chris is which.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it seems that Chris Pratt actually took a quiz to determine which Hollywood Chris he actually is, and things did not go as planned. In fact, it seems that Pratt is going through the same crisis of identity that Chris Pine had to deal with in his opening monologue on SNL last season when he did a rundown of who he is and who he is not. While the SNL skit was certainly humorous, there was a lot of truth to the confusion, and Chris Pine clearly wanted to clear things up.

However, for Chris Pratt, the confusion over his identity stemmed from one of the internet quizzes that so many people enjoy taking in order to pass the time. In a tweet posted by the actor, he showed his results after answering all the quiz questions and clearly, Chris Pratt is actually Chris Evans.

On September 24, Chris Pratt posted a screenshot of which Chris in Hollywood he was, with a caption letting the world know just how bad at quizzes he is. According to Oh My Disney, Pratt is really Chris Evans and he is naturally charming, with a good nature.

The results of the Hollywood Chris quiz are based on an algorithm that takes into account birth dates, theme for a vlog on YouTube, and even which Disney prince is most like the person taking the quiz. While Chris Pratt did not end up getting himself as an answer as to which Chris he is, the actor is not the first person to take a quiz and not get themselves as an outcome. In fact, Kim Kardashian has even taken a quiz in which the algorithm was set to determine if a person was more like a Kim Kardashian or a Chrissy Teigen, and Kardashian ended up getting Teigen instead of herself.

While Chris Pine has already tried to set the record straight as to which of the four Hollywood men named Chris he is, for Chris Pratt, it seems that even online quizzes cannot figure out his identity.

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