Justin Bieber Parodies His Friend Niall Horan’s New Album Cover On Instagram

While Justin Bieber has been considered one of the biggest pop stars in the world for quite some time, for Niall Horan, this designation is a bit newer. The former One Direction singer has been climbing the charts with his two singles from his upcoming solo album debut, and with that comes the added benefit of being in league with the likes of Bieber. With the two singers being good friends and hanging out with each other every once in awhile, fans get treated to things like Instagram stories featuring the two spending time together, and even a parody of an album cover.

Although the two singers might be big pop stars in their own right, this does not mean that they do not enjoy spending time together and fooling around like regular friends would. In fact, in a recent post to his Instagram story, Justin Bieber shared a short video with Niall Horan. In the video, which is poorly lit, Bieber can be heard asking his friend to show him “that mug of yours,” while the former One Direction singer laughed and tried to hide behind his hand.

Even though Niall Horan might have refused to really show off his face in the Instagram video for Justin Bieber, this does not mean that he was able to hide for very long. Instead, Bieber chose to take matters into his own hands on Instagram and ended up parodying his friend’s upcoming album cover, according to Billboard.

It seems that Justin Bieber really likes the cover for Niall Horan’s upcoming solo album, Flicker. The album cover features a close-up of Horan’s face, with a serious and almost pensive look. While the picture seems to show off the piercing gaze of Niall Horan, in Justin Bieber’s parody shot of his friend, his close-up is more of a blank gaze into the camera. In order to show exactly what he was attempting to do with his up-close selfie, Bieber then shared a second picture on Instagram, this time the actual cover art from Flicker.

Although Justin Bieber may have been trying to parody his friend’s album cover, it is clear that his fans appreciated the selfie all on its own. In fact, since the singer posted the picture to his Instagram account, it has already received over 2 million likes.

For fans of Niall Horan, whose picture on Justin Bieber’s Instagram has also received well over 1.5 million likes on its own, the singer’s solo album, Flicker, is set to release on October 20.

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