‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Betsy Opens Up About Missing Twin, Call Makes Sonny Curious, Patient 6 On The Run

General Hospital spoilers reveal more details about the identity of Patient 6. Franco will finally make some progress on his quest to identify the other boy in his childhood photo. Meanwhile, Sonny will be curious about the phone call he received which came all the way from Russia.

General Hospital spoilers tease Ava will realize she is not in a regular clinic. After what happened between Patient 6 and the clinic’s staff, she will start feeling scared about her current situation. As Ava tries to recover from what just happened, Dr. Klein will wonder about the phone number Ava retrieved from their special patient. He will be curious as to what kind of relationship the patient has with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

While the clinic in St. Petersburg is in chaos after what happened to Patient 6, General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will also be curious about the call he received. Sonny will have a nagging feeling there’s more to the call he received. This could be where Brick comes in. If Sonny is worried about the unusual phone call from Russia, Griffin will continue to be concerned about Ava. Griffin just attacked Valentin out of concern for Ava, and it’s just a matter of time before he tracks where Ava is.

Betsy (Deborah Strang) revealed some shocking details about the boy in the picture, and Franco (Roger Howarth) needs some time to take everything in. Betsy revealed Drew, the boy in the photo, was not Franco’s twin but Jason’s. The boy was supposed to have died at a young age due to a heart problem. General Hospital spoilers tease Franco will confide in Scott (Kin Shriner). He will also relay the story of how Drew died. Betsy may have revealed a bit of the truth to Franco, but she seems to be keeping the full details to herself.

With this new information, it’s also possible the Scarecrow Jake feared was not Jason but Drew. Betsy raised Franco and Drew together, and she did so illegally. This could lead to more developments in General Hospital in the upcoming weeks. With Ava’s meddling in Russia, Franco’s nagging feeling to learn more about Drew, and Sonny’s involvement, someone could uncover one string which could lead them to a bigger discovery.

While everyone is reeling from their recent discoveries, General Hospital spoilers tease Patient 6 will find the opportunity to run away from his cell. With several revelations this week, it remains to be seen if clinic’s captive is the missing twin Drew or the real Jason Morgan.

General Hospital spoilers tease an exciting week ahead, and here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming episodes.

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