Donald Trump Feels Up Melania Trump In Public: Said He ‘B**ged Some Great Beauties’

Donald Trump had at one time admitted to feeling up First Lady Melania Trump in public. Not only this, the President of the United States had even talked about having relationships with great beauties.

In a recently released recording of The Howard Stern Show, President Trump can be heard talking about some unrestricted thoughts. The recording is an exchange between Stern and Trump. It is being anonymously released on the website called Factbase.

In the leaked interviews, Trump can be heard admitting to having banged some of the great beauties. When prompted, he even added that he will not require STD tests, as he always uses protection.

“I own 25 percent of Goodyear Tire and Rubber (referring to condoms).”

In addition, when Howard Stern asked Donald Trump about feeling up Melania Trump in public, the latter agreed to doing it before saying that he is well behaved. Stern and Trump compared Melania to Ivana, Trump’s first wife, on a lot of occasions in the leaked uncensored recordings.

“Yes, it (Ivana’s accent) was amazing, and then one time I woke up that [sic] it was terrible, I couldn’t stand it.”

The 15-hours conversation exchange between shock-jock and Trump also reveal that first lady Melania Trump and Donald Trump were willing to discuss intimate details of their private life in public, even during the presidential run in 1999, as reported by Newsweek.

President Trump has already been under fire on many occasions because of his vulgar and off-color remarks about women including his leaked “locker room talk,” where he said to “grab ’em by the ****y.” The Entertainment Tonight hot-mic tape that was released in October 2016 shows that Melania had warned Trump to not go on Stern’s show, as they hook him and get him to make inappropriate remarks.

“He was pushed on, and many times I give him an advice, and I didn’t agree to do all the tapes on Howard Stern, with Billy Bush. Because I know those people. They hook him on, they—they try to get from him some—some inappropriate and dirty language.”

The released recordings from Stern’s radio show from 1993 to 2015 also has that Trump wanted the bathing suits to be smaller in the beauty pageants, for better ratings of the show.

“I’m gonna get the bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher.”

In the more released recordings, Trump and Stern could be heard joking about getting women undergo HIV tests before Trump would have intimate relations with them.

“I wouldn’t say I do this, but you could send lots of people you really like to the doctor before you ever get to know them.”

Stern and Trump also joked about nailing late Princess Diana and asking her to have an HIV test done. Donald Trump went on to add that late Princess Diana has magnificent skin.

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