Mia Khalifa Got Rejected By An Athlete This Time Around

Usually, Mia Khalifa is the one who’s doing the rejecting on social media. It’s hard to imagine that any man would turn down the outspoken Lebanese-American beauty. Mia has no problem outing men who attempt to slide into her DMs on Twitter. She doesn’t like it when they ruthlessly contact her. It looks like she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. Baker Mayfield rejected Mia’s advances when she tagged him in several tweets on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Mia Khalifa is used to having athletes and public figures hit on her. Even her fans are thirsty for her on social media. The former adult video star hardly gets rejected. But, she experienced what that was like when Baker Mayfield blocked her on Twitter. He didn’t like it when she tagged him in a series of tweets. On Saturday after Oklahoma beat the Baylor Bears, Khalifa tagged Mayfield and called him “daddy.” During the game, Mayfield shouted at the players to remind them who the true daddy was.

He didn’t respond to her tweet, so she gave it another shot. She doesn’t like it when guys constantly hit her up on Twitter. But, she’s not the type to back down. Instead of responding to Mia’s tweets, Baker blocked her and stayed faithful to his girlfriend, according to TotalProSports.com. Mia was bummed to see that he literally blocked her advances.

She’s been making headlines for her interaction with athletes before. She most recently linked to Houston Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson. She shared a video along with some birthday wishes for the footballer. In the video, the two are seen playing Nerf basketball. Fans had a meltdown and wondered if Watson was dating Khalifa. They weren’t too happy to see that he was hanging out with an adult entertainer.

Mia has since denied those rumors and insisted they’re good friends. She also famously rejected Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly. She took screenshots of his messages and then posted them on her Twitter account. She’s also been involved in several social media feuds with athletes on her Twitter account.

What are your thoughts on Mia Khalifa being rejected on Twitter? Would you reject the actress if she tweeted you? Sound off below in the comments section.

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