Photos Show DisneyQuest Building Being Prepped For Complete Demolition At Disney Springs

There are a number of changes coming to Walt Disney World in the next few years, and one of them is the changeover of DisneyQuest to the NBA Experience. In the middle of the summer, the giant arcade located in Disney Springs closed for good, and the last remaining signs of it have slowly been disappearing from the building. Now, new photos have appeared online that show the structure is not only being prepped for change but for demolition as well.

On July 3, DisneyQuest closed its doors forever to make way for something brand new to Disney Springs as the partnership with the NBA was put in place. With the partnership will come new entertainment, a new dining location, and a new store all devoted to the NBA.

Over the past couple of months, the signage and icons on the outside of DisneyQuest have come down little by little, but big things are on the horizon. As reported by Biz Journals, Disney filed permits with Orange County back on July 17 that detailed “demo of structure and additional work.”

The “additional work” has already started, but it looks as if the demo is much closer to taking place.

As you can see, holes are being punched throughout the two main sides of the building to make way for explosives. On the sides of the building, there are a lot more holes being punched for the impending demolition.

DisneyQuest opened at what was then Downtown Disney back in 1998, and it served as a huge entertainment center for guests when they weren’t at the parks. Not only did it have new and old-school video games, but it also provided dining and virtual reality experiences for the entire family.

Back in 2015, word first got out that the NBA Experience would be heading to Walt Disney World, but things quieted down again until January of this year.

DisneyQuest wasn’t one of the original buildings or creations at Walt Disney World, but it did hold a special place in the hearts of many. With declining attendance at the huge arcade, though, it was time to do something else with space, which now belongs to the NBA Experience. An exact opening date is not yet known for the new addition to Disney Springs, but the demolition of the old building appears to be on its way very soon.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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