WWE Rumors, Spoilers: ‘No Mercy’ Fallout, Strowman’s Angry, And Angle To Reunite The Shield May Kickoff ‘Raw’

After last night’s No Mercy, WWE is prepping for an action-packed evening on Monday Night Raw, and there are a lot of rumors swirling around. First of all, there is going to be the complete fallout from the pay-per-view, which includes a new champion and an angry Braun Strowman. Then, there is the opening segment, which will have Roman Reigns as a guest on “Miz TV,” but could that be the lead-in to a reunion of The Shield?

The official website of WWE released their preview for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and it looks as if there is plenty leftover after the PPV.

First things first: It doesn’t seem as if John Cena or WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will be on the show, according to Wrestling Inc. Lesnar retained his title over Strowman last night, but he hasn’t been scheduled again anytime soon. Cena lost to Reigns and is expected to take some time off to film a movie.

Despite missing those two big names, there may be much bigger things in store.

What will happen when Reigns is the guest on a special “Miz TV” to kick off Raw?

Last night after No Mercy, The Miz made it known that he wanted to have Reigns as a guest on Miz TV after the “Big Dog” defeated Cena. It’s not quite known where this is going, but there were rumors of Reigns feuding with Miz over the Intercontinental Title earlier this year.

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It was last night during the PPV that rumors of The Shield reuniting in time for next month’s TLC started going around. Now, Cageside Seats is reporting that the segment on “Miz TV” could be the starting point of the angle that brings The Shield back together for a match with The Miztourage.

With a loss to Brock Lesnar, is Braun Strowman more dangerous than ever?

Brock Lesnar retained the WWE Universal Championship over Braun Strowman, and it kind of came out of nowhere. Strowman dominated the match before Lesnar took over in the final two minutes and picked up the pinfall with a monstrous F-5.

With Lesnar likely disappearing from WWE television for a while, it’s going to be interesting to see who the monster goes after or who could possibly stand up to him.

What will be the fallout from the chaotic Raw Women’s Champion Fatal 5-Way Match?

Alexa Bliss defied some huge odds by overcoming four other superstars to leave No Mercy with the Raw Women’s Championship. Nia Jax, Emma, Bayley, and Sasha Banks couldn’t do enough to capture the title, but it already seems as if Bliss has someone else who wants to step up and take a shot.

How long is the Enzo Amore Era destined to last?

Neville dominated last night’s Cruiserweight Championship Match at No Mercy, and it appeared as if his title was securely in place. Once all was said and done, though, it was Enzo Amore who walked out with the belt and his first championship in WWE, and the world was shocked.

Now, he is going to be the one who is chased, and he has a huge target on his back.

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Will Jason Jordan get another opportunity at the Intercontinental Champion?

Jason Jordan had a chance at winning the Intercontinental Championship at No Mercy, but he couldn’t get past The Miz and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Even though he was outnumbered three-to-one, The Miztourage did what needed to be done to win, and they did it without the referee seeing.

Now, is his father going to grant him another title shot?

After last night’s No Mercy, there are a number of questions that remain unanswered — and a bunch of new ones as well. Enzo Amore is the new Cruiserweight Champion while the rest of the titles are still where they were at the start of the PPV. Braun Strowman lost to Brock Lesnar in unexpected fashion. To top it all off, “Miz TV” is set to kick off Monday Night Raw, and it could jump-start an angle that sees the return of The Shield.

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