LPBW: Amy Roloff Likens Current Political Atmosphere To The Film ‘Remember The Titans’

The stars of the hit reality TV series Little People, Big World are not oblivious to the tumultuous political atmosphere plaguing the United States right now. As a matter of fact, Amy Roloff just tweeted that the current turmoil the country is facing reminds her of a particular football movie based on true events.

Amy tweeted that the movie Remember the Titans “feels familiar to what’s happening all around us 2day.” Roloff is likely referring to the issues surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump and some professional athletes, particularly from the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Amy also said that the movie “showed hope, respect, togetherness to make a change.”

Remember the Titans is a 2000 film starring critically-acclaimed actor Denzel Washington (Glory, Philadelphia, American Gangster) and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Armageddon, Gone in 60 Seconds, Pirates of the Caribbean). The movie is based on actual events in the life of Herman Boone, Bill Yoast, and the T.C. Williams High School football team. It must be noted that the scriptwriters of the movie took the “based on a true story” stipulation to the limits as many parts of the Hollywood version are fictional.


Washington plays Boone, the African-American head coach of the 1971 football state champion. Boone was chosen over Yoast, a white man portrayed by Will Patton.

At the time, Virginia’s public schools were still adjusting to desegregation, which began in 1959. The atmosphere remained turbulent as racism was still an issue in 1971. Three of Alexandria’s public high schools, two of which were predominantly white, were being consolidated into one school catering to junior and senior high school students.

This move forced the new school to form a football team made up of the best players from the three former schools. To keep the story short, the new football squad, made up of players with different skin colors, had to overcome their differences to create one cohesive unit.

Amy is possibly pertaining to the triumph of the T.C. High School football team over racism as an example of how “respect and togetherness” can help in attaining true change.

In other news, Amy has been keeping herself busy with her Little Kitchen business. Roloff recently posted a photo of two of her products – banana and pumpkin bread. Aside from treating new parents Jeremy and Audrey to an anniversary steak dinner and putting down rumors of a feud, the Roloff matriarch also finds time to have fun with her friends.

Amy posted a photo of herself at the Downtown Hillsboro Farmer’s Market where she got some local vegetables for her “soup night with friends.” Amy prepared her summer garden veggie soup with chicken for her friends on Wednesday.

It’s not clear what position Amy is taking, whether she sided with Trump or the protesting players. Her Twitter post, however, was met with mixed reactions. One fan agreed with what Amy said about the political turmoil enveloping the country and what is needed to overcome it.

A couple of followers, however, agreed with Trump and demanded that the players, or “bunch of thugs” as described by one commenter, respect the flag, the president, and the veterans who died fighting for the country.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]

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