‘Big Brother 19’: Raven Walton Addresses #RavenExposedParty, Matt Clines Defends Sick ‘BB19’ Girlfriend

Big Brother 19 player Raven Walton is a masterful storyteller. The Big Brother houseguest told so many far-fetched stories while she was in the CBS summertime house that producers dedicated a segment to her colorful tales in which a few of the other houseguests described her as a pathological liar.

On the outside, fans of the CBS reality show questioned Raven’s backstory which she claims includes a gastroparesis diagnosis (she has a “pacemaker” in her stomach), inverted spine, and “rough kneecap” syndrome. On the non-health-related side, Raven claims she had a relative that was on the Titanic, has a history as an Olympic athlete, and her mom is a member of Mensa.

Skeptical Big Brother viewers posted past news stories about Raven and her family with the hashtag #RavenExposedParty, and some of the comments were extremely nasty. But now that Raven is back in the real world, she has gotten wind of the skepticism surrounding her seemingly tall tales. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Raven responded to her haters.

“If you want to question it, that’s fine,” Walton said.

“Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I just really wanted to be an open book. I do have a lot wrong with me and I didn’t use it as a crutch.”

Raven Walton went on to explain that while she may not look sick on the outside, she is still a terminally ill woman.

“A lot of people are like, ‘You don’t look sick.’ I’ve had that even before I went on the show … Well, you can’t see it. There’s something wrong with me on the inside. I do have a lot wrong with me… I’m a sick woman. I do have terminal illnesses. I don’t let it stop me, I don’t let it bring me down.”

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This is not the first time Raven Walton has defended her stories. Shortly after she was evicted from the BB19 game, Raven told the Hollywood Reporter that everything she said while in the Big Brother house was 100 percent true.

“Uh, yes, my mom was really struck by lightning,” Walton told THR. “It may have been when I was little or before I was born, but it happened when she was in a car and she went through the steering wheel… And yes, my mom could be in Mensa. She is super duper smart and she was offered to be in Mensa a couple of times… Everything I told in the house was true. Everything I’ve gone through, everything my mom went through, all the crazy stories I experienced, yeah!”

But while many Big Brother fans are still questioning Raven and her backstory, her Big Brother boyfriend, Matt Clines, is standing by her side.

“I believe everything Raven said in the house,” Matt told ET.

“If she was making that stuff up, that’s a heck of a good story, ’cause that is very unique. So, yeah, maybe some of it wasn’t true, and I’m assuming she’ll let me know if it wasn’t. I mean, I did see the scar and the pacemaker, so I’m assuming at least part of that to be true.”

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In a post-show backyard interview with Big Brother legend Will Kirby, BB19’s Jessica Graf predicted once Matt got a hold of his phone and found out about #RavenExposedParty, he would immediately break up with her. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Raven Walton and Matt Cines have both said they plan to continue their romance outside of the CBS summertime house. For now, Raven is adjusting to life in the real world with Matt. The Big Brother lovebirds are spending a week together in California and were photographed at several BB19 fan events as well as hanging out on a Santa Monica beach.

Check out the Big Brother 19 houseguests talking about Raven Walton and her alleged lies.

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