Girl Trying To Play Game Boy Color Goes Viral: Tweets Claim Footage Makes People ‘Feel Old’ And ‘Angry’

A quick 13-second clip of a girl trying to play Game Boy is now making waves online… and apparently making quite a few people feel old!

Within the now-viral video clip, which was first shared on YouTube by Chris Cohoon, a young girl is shown trying to play a Game Boy color as she carefully holds it. As shown in the footage, instead of using the directional pad or either of the buttons on the actual device, the young girl apparently assumes that the Game Boy Color is a touchscreen gaming device – such as many of the mobile devices that young children her age are more familiar with playing these days for entertainment and even educational purposes.

It may still be operational, playable, and possibly even enjoyable to video game lovers of all ages. That is, of course, unless you do not quite understand how to play it. However, one must remember that the original Game Boy Color was first introduced long before the surging popularity (or even presence) of touchscreen mobile devices and games. This classic handheld game console manufactured by Nintendo made its big debut on October 21, 1998 in Japan. It became an international sensation the following month. It may not be anywhere near as advanced as the touchscreen gaming devices and smartphones loaded with mobile games today. However, any consumer who was around when it was first released would likely agree that the Game Boy Color was still a major upgrade to the original Game Boy.

In addition to its slight increase in thickness and height along with a smaller screen that was colorful instead of black-and-white, the Game Boy Color was arguably revolutionary within the world of mobile gaming.

Different people may look at the 13-second clip of this young girl trying to play a Game Boy in different ways. Some may look at it is yet another adorable viral video of a young child doing something adorable. Others may even enjoy the taste of modern-day nostalgia that they can enjoy for a brief period as they see what used to be popular inadvertently compared to what is popular now.

According to Twitter, there are some people that have jokingly mocked the video clip – stating that it makes them “feel old” and “angry.”

Regardless of how you may personally feel, chances are that you will at least enjoy the quick trip down Memory Lane – remembering a time when the Game Boy Color was essentially considered “next-generation gaming.”

[Featured Image by Tsugufumi Matsumoto/AP Images]

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