Bella Thorne And Tana Mongeau Share Steamy Kiss After YouTube Star Admits To Wanting To Date The Actress

Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau were caught on camera making out after the YouTube sensation admitted that she would like to date the 19-year-old former Disney star.

More than a week after taking on slut-shamers and haters on social media as reported by the Inquisitr, Bella is moving on to another chapter in her life that would probably make Katy Perry proud.

As it turns out, Mongeau, who has become quite popular for her vlogs on YouTube, had been eyeing the Hollywood star for some time now after telling her Twitter followers that she “wants to date Bella Thorne next.”

According to the Hollywood Life, Tana Mongeau initially had a potential beef with the actress after she tried to get Scott Disick’s attention at an exclusive party at the Palms Hotel a couple of months ago, just around the time when rumors about Disick and Thorne dating were circulating online.

As it turns out, the YouTube star’s “hoe dancing” made Bella a bit competitive about Scott’s attention. According to Tana, the actress “came out of nowhere” and started dancing in front of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

“On occasion, she hit a good [pose] and she’ll like, look at me like, ‘Yeah, b**ch. You see this?’ And I’m like, ‘I do, sister. I’ll give it to you,'” Tana said in one of her videos.

Earlier this month, Mongeau even posted her wish to date Bella Thorne on Twitter, causing a wide array of reactions from her social media followers.

After nearly three weeks, she then shared that “dreams do come true” with a surprising photo attachment on the same social media platform.

The pics, which did not reveal when or where the make-out session happened, was first posted on the Tana Mongeau’s Instagram account. Unsurprisingly, her fans were torn about it, with some liking the idea of the two being a couple and others—not so much.

Because of this, fans of the YouTube star are now eagerly waiting for another of her popular storytelling videos that would reveal more details about the encounter.

As for Bella, there appears to be no word about the make-out session on her social media accounts but there seemed to be one particular post that can be mistaken for a hint for her tongue-twisting encounter with Mongeau.

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