Duggar Family Fans Think Jana Duggar Is Courting Someone Who Doesn’t Mind Getting His Hands Dirty

Fans of the Duggar family think Jana has found love with a longtime family friend, but his attire might not meet her parents’ strict modesty standards.

Counting On fans definitely haven’t been wanting for Duggar family weddings to get excited about, with Joy-Anna Duggar and Joseph Duggar both tying the knot in 2017. However, their recent nuptials have just made some longtime Duggar watchers more desperate to see another member of the family married off. Now that 27-year-old Jana is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s only unmarried adult daughter, all eyes are on her.

On Saturday, the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page shared a social media photo that has Jana watchers on high alert. It was taken at The Escapeopolis Project, an escape room attraction located in the Duggar family’s hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas. The group that posed for the picture included Jana and two of her brothers, Josh and James. Her close pal Lauren was also there, as was a longtime friend of the Duggars, Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates.

Earlier this year, Duggar fans were buzzing about a potential courtship between Jana and 25-year-old Lawson. However, as reported by In Touch Weekly, Lawson’s mother shot down the courtship rumors soon after they began circulating. The Bates family confirmed that Lawson is still single in a September 21 Facebook video.

Due to the denials that Lawson Bates is romantically involved with anyone, some fans of the Duggar family have given up on the possibility of him and Jana coupling up. However, they’ve honed in on another eligible bachelor in the Escapeopolis Project snapshot. According to the Duggars Tumblr page, one of the young men pictured is named Jacob Wilson. His father is Clark Wilson, who the Duggar Family Blog describes as “a carpenter and close friend” of the Duggars. The Wilsons helped Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar build the 7,000 square-foot home that their family currently resides in.

“Him and Jana would make beautiful babies,” one fan wrote of the Duggar daughter’s potential suitor.

Jacob Wilson does meet one of Jana Duggar’s criteria for the perfect husband. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, she has described her ideal partner as “hard-working” and willing to get “dirt under the nails.” According to his Instagram page, Jacob is an outdoorsy type who enjoys fishing, hunting, firefighting, and welding. He is also training to be an EMT.

Jana’s father seems to approve of Jacob, so much so that he’s parted with some of his money to help the Mississippi resident help others. Earlier this month, Jim Bob Duggar donated $500 to Jacob so that he could travel to Texas and join the effort to rescue victims of Hurricane Harvey.

However, Jacob’s choice of attire doesn’t always meet the Duggars’ strict modesty standards. In a TLC blog post, Michelle Duggar shared her family’s belief that clothing should keep the body covered from the neck to below the knee. Jacob has posted a few shirtless selfies on his Instagram page, so he clearly doesn’t follow the same dress code.

What do you think about Jacob Wilson? Is he the man Jana Duggar has been dreaming of?

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