Nikki Reed Defends Husband Ian Somerhalder Over Pregnancy Comments Backlash

On September 22, news broke about Ian Somerhalder throwing out his wife Nikki Reed’s birth control during an interview with Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast. It did not take long for the actor to get slammed on social media by people angry over the idea that Somerhalder had taken away his wife’s choice over getting pregnant.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the actor was actually accused of throwing away Nikki Reed’s birth control without her permission, and social media was having none of that. In fact, there were people calling the actor disgusting, trash, and even saying that all of this was done without his wife’s consent. However, it seems that Nikki Reed is now slamming those people who criticized Ian Somerhalder, and especially the journalist who first reported the story and set off the backlash against her husband.

According to People Magazine, after the news broke about Somerhalder’s apparent bad behavior, Reed took to Twitter in order to address one article in particular, which called the actor out for throwing away the birth control. The actress told the writer that this was her note on “irresponsible journalism,” as she included a screenshot of a longer message Reed had written out in response to the article, which claimed that Somerhalder had tried to force her into getting pregnant.

In the longer message from Nikki Reed, she tells the journalist in question that if they had actually listened to the podcast, they would have heard “how ‘unforced” she felt when it came to starting a family with her husband. The actress continued by saying that there was nothing unconsenting about what happened, and that instead this is the journalist “speaking on my behalf in a story admittedly taken out of context for the purpose of stirring up drama WITHOUT my approval.”

Nikki Reed told the author of the article that they should not be talking about consent with her. Then the actress asked how they could dare to “try to cast a dark shadow” over what she considers to be one of her happiest moments and memories in life. Reed made it clear that she felt that this was not only disrespectful to herself, but also to her daughter.

After addressing the backlash against her husband and his throwing out her birth control, Nikki Reed concluded by telling the journalist that the next time they decide they want to stand up for a woman’s rights, then the writer should perhaps take the feelings of the woman in question into account. Reed said that she feels it is a shame that this person chose to use their “platform” in this manner and hopes that going forward they choose to write about things that are “truthful” rather than “gossip.”

The actress also pointed out in other Tweets that people should be championing for women’s rights, but that twisting a couple’s story and words is not the way to do that. Instead, she found that perpetuating gossip was simply being irresponsible.

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