‘Little People, Big World’: New Photos Show Baby Jackson Roloff Rocking A Sweat Suit, Sitting By Himself

Baby Jackson Roloff has been a huge star ever since he was born four months ago. New photos shared by members of the Little People, Big World family prove he has the tools to indeed be one.

Matt, the Roloff patriarch, re-posted a photo of his son Zach with his grandson. Baby Jackson, whom Matt adoringly calls “my little pal,” is rocking a sweat suit as he’s held by Zach in the photo first shared by Tori a little over a week ago. Matt describes Jackson as “very, very cute” as the latter stares at the camera with that charming little smile of his. Matt not only praised his grandson, he also called Zach amazing, which is quite apt considering how caught up he is with taking care of baby Jackson.

The photo of Zach and Jackson was also used by the official Little People, Big World Facebook Page. The post asked fans if they still remember when the Roloff children, who are now married with children, were just little kids themselves. The post then suggests that those who want to relive the early moments of the hit reality TV show and see Zach, Jeremy and the rest of the Roloff children when they were younger should binge watch all full episodes of the series from the very beginning.


Zach himself posted a new photo of his son on his Instagram account. The photo shows Jackson doing a first – sitting by himself. Zach didn’t exactly indicate that the particular moment was the first time baby Jackson sat upright but it was the first photo of the baby sitting by himself.

Zach also pointed out that Jackson, in his long-sleeved bodysuit, was “having fun in daddy’s chair.”

Like in the photo shared by Matt, baby Jackson was smiling at the camera. Perhaps the main difference is his smile is a lot bigger and more endearing in this one.

Matt and Zach were not the only ones to post a new photo of baby Jackson. Amy, the Little People, Big World matriarch also shared her photo with the lovable Jackson. Baby Jackson seems to be getting the hang of cameras as the photo shared by Amy shows him smiling at the camera as well. Amy also disclosed that Jackson, who paid his grandmother a visit on her birthday, has started grabbing anything within reach.


Even the supposedly estranged Jacob could not resist posing for a photo with baby Jackson. Jacob shared a photo showing himself holding Jackson by his hands. The Instagram post immediately fueled rumors that Jacob will be coming back to the show giving Little People Big World fans another reason to stay tuned to the upcoming 13th season.

[Featured image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]

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