Jason Dent Does Damage Control, Poses With Kevin Schlehuber’s Wife After ‘BB19’ Rape Joke

Big Brother 19 is over, and Whistle-Nut needs to get back to work. After three months of sequester in the Big Brother house and jury, rodeo clown Jason Dent is back in the real world—although for a minute he may have wanted to go back into the Big Brother bubble.

Jason Dent, who performs as a rodeo clown alongside his trusty bull Ole, was in hot water over the summer after he trash-talked a former transgender Big Brother houseguest. Dent also made an inappropriate joke about fellow BB19 player Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and daughters. But Jason probably didn’t realize the outrage against him until after the CBS reality show wrapped, and now that he knows about it he seems truly sorry.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Jason Dent apologized for inappropriate comments he made about Big Brother 17 contestant Audrey Middleton. Dent and houseguest Cody Nickson referred to Audrey as “it” when talking about her.

“It was absolutely ignorant,” Dent told BuzzFeed News. “I wouldn’t know a transgender person if they walked up and shook my hand.”

Jason Dent made it clear that he has absolutely no issue with transgender people and welcomes the opportunity to learn more about the trans community.

“That’s how you learn to grow; by getting in those conversations,” Jason told BuzzFeed. That’s how you become less ignorant.”

[Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

While he has offered apologies for his ignorant comments about the transgender community, Jason Dent has not yet publicly commented on the live feed joke that was heard around the world. In what has been considered by some to be an out-of-context viral clip, Dent was caught joking about raping Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and forcing his six daughters to watch the act. At the time, Jason’s family posted an apology about the incident on his social media accounts, but Kevin’s wife wasn’t buying it.

Deborah Schlehuber told TMZ she was appalled by Jason’s comments, saying his laughter as he joked about rape was the worst thing she has ever seen. Kevin’s wife also denounced the apology posted by Dent’s family and the claim that the rodeo clown’s comments were taken out of context. Deborah told TMZ that it would never cross her husband Kevin’s mind to say such horrible comments about someone else’s family.

But now it looks like the Dents and the Schlehubers have made amends. After the Big Brother 19 finale, Jason Dent posted a photo of himself and his wife posing with Kevin and Deborah Schlehuber. Jason even captioned the snap with the hashtag #Jevin. Jason also posted the same photo on Instagram, where he hinted that he might be spending New Year’s Eve in Boston with Kevin and his wife.

It looks like Jason Dent has cleared the air with Kevin Schlehuber and his wife and now they can be one big, happy Big Brother family.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

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