‘GH’ Spoilers: Jason Wakes Up From Coma, Has Seizure, Betsy Confesses, Nelle Is Wary, Ava Betrays Patient 6

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of September 25 tease pain and anxiety, intrigue, confrontation, and an act of betrayal.

Betsy Confesses Twin Secret To Franco

General Hospital spoilers state that Franco (Roger Howarth) forces his adoptive mother Betsy (Deborah Strang), to talk. She confesses that Franco’s “imaginary” childhood friend is real. She also admits that the child is a twin, but not Franco’s twin.

Spoilers for Monday, September 25, state that Franco is stunned by Betsy’s revelation. He struggles to make sense of the incomplete information and demands more facts.

Betsy doesn’t want to talk but Franco is determined to make her divulge more information. He wants to know whose twin the child is. Betsy wants Franco to promise to keep the information a secret.

General Hospital spoilers hint that the child is Jason’ twin. It is unlikely that Franco will keep the information secret. He’ll tell Liz (Rebecca Herbst).

Jason Wakes Up From Coma, Suffers A Dangerous Seizure

Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) wakes up from a coma, but his condition deteriorates quickly. General Hospital spoilers hint that he is having a seizure. Sam (Kelly Monaco) panics as hospital staff rush to save Jason’s life. Sam is very distressed. She cries and begs Jason to not leave her and the children.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason recovers from the seizure but slips back into a coma.

Nelle Is Wary Of Michael’s Gesture

Michael (Chad Duell) purchases Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) apartment and gives her the deed. However, Michael is confused that Nelle appears to disapprove of the move. Nelle is wary of Michael’s gesture because she is upset about Carly’s (Laura Wright) campaign against her. Carly is accusing Nelle of murdering her fiance. Nelle thinks Carly’s accusations are serious and that it is bad for their relationship that Michael’s mother is against her.

Michael tries to reassure Nelle that he does not care what his mother thinks about her. He thinks Nelle shouldn’t care either.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Michael has his work cut out for him to get Nelle on board with his plan.

Meanwhile, Carly learns about Michael’s move but Michael does not know that Carly is aware. GH spoilers tease that Sonny (Maurice Benard) also is aware of what Michael is up to.

Michael’s action angers Carly. She rants against Nelle, accusing her of being a murderer. Sonny begins to feel uneasy about Carly’s allegations against Nelle. He cautions Carly and queries her assumptions. He asks whether she really has convincing evidence that Nelle murdered her fiance.

Following Sonny’s questioning of her evidence, Carly steps up efforts to dig deeper into Nelle’s past.

Griffin Confronts Valentin

General Hospital spoilers state that Griffin (Matt Cohen) runs into Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). He asks him about Ava (Maura West) but Valentin won’t give a straight answer. Valentin’s evasiveness annoys Griffin. The confrontation becomes tense and Griffin quips about how the matter could affect Valentin’s child custody battle. Nina (Michelle Stafford) intervenes. She tells Griffin that the issue of Charlotte’s (Scarlett Fernandez) custody has nothing to do with him.

Ava’s Shocking Betrayal

Ava (Maura West) continues to make efforts to connect with Patient 6. She ignores warnings by hospital staff to stay away from him. Ava suspects that Patient 6 has a connection with Port Charles but she doesn’t know how to obtain the information from him. Patient 6 is sedated and unresponsive most of the time. Ava will have to wait until Patient 6 is conscious and able to respond to questions.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ava (Maura West) finally learns from Patient 6 that he is being held captive against his will. He doesn’t tell Ava his name but he gives her a phone number.

Doctor Klein suspects that Ava might have obtained information from Patient 6. He threatens to have her sent out of the hospital if she does not give up the information. Ava wants to have her face restored more than she wants to help Patient 6, so she gives up the number.

Doctor Klein calls the number and it is Sonny (Maurice Benard) who answers.

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