Melo Will Waive His No-Trade Clause For The Cavs and Thunder

Carmelo Anthony is no longer picky about the team he wants to play for in this upcoming season. Melo has expanded the list of teams he will accept a trade for according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. In addition to Woj’s report, the one team Melo made clear he would accept a trade for is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Anthony is showing “urgency” in evacuating New York according to ESPN. New York made calls to Cleveland, but both sides haven’t come up with trade ideas. Cleveland seems to be set on Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson is the most valuable piece on the club that’s an eye-popper for the Knicks club.

The 33-year-old future Hall of Famer can still play basketball and help any team become a better version of themselves. Melo will bring more scoring on the Cavaliers if the deal happened. Anthony is not the defensive forward you need on your team, but facing teams like the Golden State Warriors means scoring is a much-needed factor. Melo averaged 22.4 points on 45 percent shooting with 5.9 rebounds.

Chemistry wouldn’t be the problem if he joins the Cavs. One of his best friends is the operator in Cleveland, LeBron James. Last season, James let it be known that he wants Melo in Cleveland.

What Does Melo Expanding His List Means?

Anthony is expected to attend media day on Monday for the New York Knicks. Melo is also expected to be in training camp on Tuesday.

According to Wojnarowski, Melo and the Knicks are expected to have “significant tension towards each other.” Melo expanding his trade wishes clearly have something to do with not starting the season off with the Knicks. After the circus act that was put on for Anthony last season, he will not continue his career in New York.

Melo hugging Kyrie Irving. [Image by Elsa/Getty Images]

There have been several reports that Melo will arrive in Houston before next Monday. However, Houston cannot find a third team to finalize this deal. Ryan Anderson is the key player to this deal, but no team wants to take a chance on his contract. New York had conversations with Houston, but Wojnarowski said both teams haven’t found a way to finalize the trade. According to ESPN, the Knicks are asking for assets in return, but Houston cannot provide the Knicks with one.

The Cavaliers, not the only team Melo would waive his no-trade clause for, the Oklahoma City Thunder are the new team that’s on Melo wish list according to Ian Begley of ESPN. As reported earlier, New York will ask Oklahoma and Cleveland for assets. New York needs draft picks and young players because their arrow is pointing towards rebuilding.

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