Disney Villain And ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Prints Arrive From LuLaRoe In Time For Halloween

At the beginning of the summer, LuLaRoe introduced their partnership with Disney and the world lost its mind, but the level has now been raised with the introduction of its Halloween line. While there are bats and skulls and pumpkins all over some of their leggings and shirts, the Disney fans are thrilled about some of the other patterns. Yes, everyone needs to be prepared for the Disney villains and Nightmare Before Christmas prints coming from LuLaRoe.

A number of different characters have already made their way onto the Disney prints, but the villains have been noticeably absent for the most part. Also, the LuLaRoe leggings, shirts, and dresses have had an almost complete void of Jack Skellington, Sally, and all the other characters that surround them.

As reported by the Disney Fashionista, these new prints have been spotted during the new commercial from LuLaRoe which does indeed show their Halloween collection. There is so much more than the ghosts on the orange pants, though, as some Disney favorites are front and center on numerous pieces.

By looking through the pics and video, you’ll be able to see that some of the designs are quite in-your-face, but others are subtle and a little spooky.

Disney Villains

For the evil villains, there are prints devoted to the Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella. It may take you a second to adjust your eyes when you see one of them, but the Maleficent shirt is pretty awesome. Her head is all over a shirt that has black and orange as the focus colors, but you’ll soon see her staring you back in the face.

Nightmare Before Christmas

In the video, the young girl’s outfit may remind you of someone very lovable and shy who goes by the name of Sally.

When you see the designs in the video below, you’ll notice Lock, Shock, and Barrel all over the place on an awesome design. There are a few other designs known to be coming out as well which are more of the terrifying trio and Jack Skellington as well.

As you may already know by now, LuLaRoe can only be purchased by finding a consultant and hoping they have the patterns you want. If you search through Facebook, you’re going to find thousands of them and so many groups to join which could have this new Halloween collection.

This is only a small snippet of the Halloween collection from LuLaRoe as you’re getting nothing more than 30 seconds of a few designs and patterns. There are bound to be many more and you now have the chance to get them right as fall is rolling in and the weather is beginning to change. Now, with their partnership with Disney, fans are going to have the chance to have their favorite Disney villains and Nightmare Before Christmas characters adorn their choice of leggings, shirts, and dresses.

[Featured Image by Disney]

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