Joseph Duggar, Kendra Caldwell Building Their First Home And Family

Newlyweds Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are already talking house-building. The couple had planned to have their new home readied for occupation soon after the wedding.

Duggar family fans got to hear about Joseph and Kendra’s plans during their chat with Jana Duggar that was filmed by TLC before the couple tied the knot. The young couple thanked Jana for her assistance in selecting the bridesmaid dresses and in making other wedding arrangements. While complimenting them for getting through wedding planning without being overwhelmed, Jana let fans know that the couple’s first home is under preparation.

“When you all are gone, may be we can be finishing it up. We’ll see it how it goes,” the oldest Duggar daughter tells them, referring to Kendra and Joseph Duggar’s honeymoon getaway when talking about setting up the house.

“Lord willing we will have it ready to be finished up. We’re hopping we will at least be able to have a master bedroom,” Joseph responds before Kendra pitches in.

“And a kitchen. Well, a bathroom and a kitchen,” she says, prompting Jana to quip.

“You can always come over our way. We have all those things. We can give you a little room off. We may have a closet somewhere.”

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently announced buying their first home together in Texas. Their latest acquisition prompted many to wonder if the couple, married for nearly 11 months now, is expecting a baby. Her sister Joy-Anna Duggar, who married Austin Forsyth and has also put together a house with him, announced her pregnancy last month.

Jana Duggar’s chat with her brother Joseph and his (then) fiance prompted many to ask when she is going to tie the knot. Videos and posts shared by the Duggar family on its Facebook page in the recent past has triggered speculation about Jana’s marriage.

“Me thinks Jana is bout to be courting someone,” a comment on the above post reads.

The oldest Duggar daughter, at 27, Jana remains unmarried and is often the subject of romantic linkups, given that her sisters Jill, Jessa, and more recently Joy-Anna tied the knot when they were younger than her. She has said in the past that she prefers a man who does not mind getting some dirt under his nails.

“Can’t wait until Jana gets married! She deserves the best,” a fan said in response to the chat.

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell married a month earlier than what their wedding registry suggested. During this season of Counting On, Duggar family fans have seen the two enter courtship and a glimpse at the wedding on special episodes available through TLC go.

In their first post-wedding video for Duggar family fans, Joseph and Kendra said they are on honeymoon but did not say where they are.

“We are on our honeymoon and happily married. We are excited to see where the lord is going to lead us and our family in the future.”

[Featured Image by Joseph Duggar/Instagram]

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