‘Koi To Uso’ Season 2 Release Date: ‘Love And Lies’ Manga Enough For Second Anime? ‘Koi To Uso’ Movie Details

The Koi to Uso Season 2 release date better happen quickly now that the first season of the anime left audiences with an open-ended Episode 12. The anime’s central theme questioned whether calculated love can beat natural love without providing an answer in the end. Instead, the Red String Of Science in the Love And Lies anime left everyone’s feelings tangled in knots… and the viewers hanging.

The good news is that the answer will eventually be forthcoming from author Musawo Tsumugi, creator of the Koi to Uso manga. The series started life in August of 2014 and the manga is already up to Volume 7. in Japan New chapters are released on a weekly basis through Manga Box.

Kodansha Comics USA has also begun to release the manga’s Koi to Uso English translation. The fifth volume was released in April of 2018 and the company has already announced the release dates for the next several volumes.

  • Love And Lies Volume 6: June 19, 2018
  • Love And Lies Volume 7: August 21, 2018
  • Love And Lies Volume 8: October 9, 2018

The anime’s Koi to Uso Blu-Ray episodes were released in two box sets that each cost 18,000 yen (the DVD editions are 15,000 yen). Episodes 1 through 6 came out on October 4, 2017, and Episodes 7 through 12 released on November 22, 2017. What’s more, there are already plans for a Koi to Uso movie and an OVA episode set for release in the near future.

Koi to Uso Manga Enough Source Material For Love And Lies Season 2?

Reviews of the TV anime were positively glowing at first but the ending was quite another matter. Unfortunately, Koi to Uso Episode 12 ended with no conclusion, leaving character progression at a narrative point that was established midway through the anime.

While Yukari, Misaki, Ririna, and Nisaka did open up emotionally to each other earlier on than most anime, there’s many secrets and lies that have yet to be cleared up. Never mind, the wedding scene at the end leaves the viewer with the impression that Yukari wants both girls in a polygamous relationship like something straight out of the nine wives of Isekai Smartphone.

The good news is that the wedding scene never happened in the manga since it’s an anime original ending that purposefully leaves the relationships open-ended. The anime does skip some chapters that are semi-important to character development, and the ordering of events was also modified, but there’s nothing major missing.

The bad news is that the manga is up to 159 chapters as of early April of 2018. The emotional hot springs scene between Yukari and Ririna occurred in Chapters 116 through 118. That means there is currently not enough source material to create Koi to Uso Season 2.

Koi to Uso Movie Is A Live Action Film With New Characters

The manga was such a financial success that both the anime and live-action Koi To Uso movie were announced early on. The spin-off is indirectly connected to the plot of the anime since it’s apparently based in the far-off future when Nisaka’s older brother has a daughter named Aoi. Just like Yukari, she must choose between her childhood friend, Yuto Shiba, or Sosuke Takachiho, her assigned husband from the government.

“Love is something you do with your heart while lying is something you do with your head,” said Aoi Morikawa, the actress playing the fictional Aoi, according to Manga Tokyo. “Connecting both of them with an ‘and’ makes up the title of this movie. In this movie, both words are handled like one and while they rotate around each other, I hope I will be able to display Lies where we can see Love and Love where we can see Lies together.”


The Love And Lies movie released in October of 2017. Check out the trailer to see what the film is like.

Koi to Uso OVA Episode Coming Out In Late 2018

When the seventh volume of the Love And Lies manga shipped out, the wraparound jacket band announced that Love And Lies Volume 8 will come packaged with two Koi to Uso OVA episodes. The release date for the Love And Lies OVA episodes is scheduled for November of 2018.

The OVA episodes will not continue the main storyline. Instead, manga creator Musawo Tsumugi is creating an original story called “Love Of A Lifetime.” The second episode adapts a bonus manga chapter from Volume 5 of the main manga series.

It is uncertain whether the new OVA episode will be available on a streaming platform. The original anime was streamed on the now-defunct Amazon Anime Strike service.

Love And Lies Season 2 Release Date

As of this publishing, anime production company Liden Films has not announced anything official about the Koi to Uso Season 2 release date, although this article will be updated as soon as the anime sequel’s premiere is confirmed. However, there can be reasonable speculation about when, or if, the Loves And Lies Season 2 air date may occur.

It is possible anime fans could watch the second season of Koi to Uso Season 2 once there’s enough manga material, but the continuation would need to ignore some of the feelings expressed during Koi to Uso Episode 12. There are over 40 chapters of new material, but if the anime remains the same story pacing, and does not rely on filler episodes, that means there need to be at least 120 chapters. Musawo releases the new manga chapters on a weekly basis, so audiences probably should not expect the Koi to Uso Season 2 release date to be announced until late 2019 or 2020 at the earliest.

[Image by Liden Films/Koi to Uso Anime TV Still]

Koi to Uso Season 2 Spoilers

Sometimes an anime’s ending will blatantly scream “go read the manga/light novel if you want answers,” but in this case, that’s not much of an option. Emotional uncertainty continues to be the prevailing theme while few final answers are given. The continuing story does make a big deal about how the arranged marriage program has been a huge success. The vast majority of people seem to benefit and it’s quite notable how Yukari’s love for Ririna makes for stable companionship while the relationship with Misaki is passionate yet messy.

In the manga, Yukari did make a decision on which girl he will choose but there remains much uncertainty. Nisaka’s feelings towards Yukari are also rarely touched upon. The exception is Chapter 136, but otherwise, the manga does not give too many hints on where Nisaka’s subplot may be going.

If readers skip ahead to manga Chapter 119, they will find Yajima being reminded of his youth by a rainy day. The sentimental government health worker tells Yukari a story from his youth about how he first met the red-haired Kagetsu Ichijo. They started dating in middle school but she was actually envious of the so-called Yukari Generation because her parents had problems unlike some of the other kids. She swore that she’d marry her government-assigned partner, a remark that hurt Yajima’s feeling even though he did not say anything. But her words and actions are contradictory since she still wants to make love to him.

Worse, a single decision ended their seemingly solid relationship. The cruel Red Strong Of Fate was not done with them since they eventually ended up working together in the government. Yajima was assigned a life partner but they’re not even faking being a couple since this other woman is having an affair with a married man. The older man only tells Yukari his life story as a warning so the high school student doesn’t end up in the same boat.

Readers also learn that Yukari is not confident in Ririna’s plan to fake hating each other just so he can pursue Misaki.

“But I keep wondering if that decision will really make them both happy. Will it make them smile?” Yukari laments in Chapter 123. “But I made a decision. So getting cold feet now doesn’t seem responsible. I have to face forward, don’t I?”

What’s more, Ririna announces to both Misaki and Yukari that she plans on annulling her government notice. You would think that would settle the matter, but Misaki initially does not accept this plan because she was upset the other two would decide everything for her. But Ririna insists she will defend their love since she loves the both of them.

Ririna also prods her two friends into openly going on their first date together. Others begin to notice that they’re dating, but it’s pretty obvious that Yukari does not understand Misaki’s feelings completely. Yukari also has not yet sorted out how he feels about Ririna.

In Chapter 142, the manga leaves readers with Misaki looking frightened and shaken during a date after she spots a man from the Ministry of Health. It’s possible that Misaki’s secret will finally be revealed in the manga, which may have repercussions for their relationship.

Many fans of the anime are rooting for Misaki simply because they find it unacceptable that love can be calculated. The premise behind the Red String of Science is an established fact in the fictional world, so will Yukari eventually choose Ririna over Misaki as the more suitable wife? Anime-only watchers will just have to hope Koi to Uso Season 2 eventually provides the answer to that question.

[Update April 9, 2018] Added OVA episode news and updated information related to the manga.

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