LuLaRoe Launches Lawsuit Against Popular Blogger Christina Hinks

LuLaRoe has been a fashion craze for well over a year now. The company isn’t as new as its popularity, but the last year or so has brought the brand a lot of attention. It is an MLM company, one that focuses on clothing. From leggings to shirts, LuLaRoe has its hand in almost every style imaginable. Not only does the company have women’s clothing, they have pieces for men and children as well.

Aside from the popularity of the clothing, LuLaRoe has also become well-known because of a blogger who exposed information that was supposed to be kept private. Christina Hinks runs a blog that has been devoted to offering up the details on LuLaRoe and what happens on the inside. There has been a lot of things uncovered by Hinks, some of which has gotten national coverage. She works with sources she keeps private to protect their identity, but that may soon change.

According to INC, LuLaRoe has filed a lawsuit against Christina Hinks to force her to divulge her sources. This is something that has been talked about for a while, especially when the blogger uncovered a warehouse blunder among other things. Several Facebook groups devoted to hating LuLaRoe have been focusing on what the blogger has come up with and now, the lawsuit is the talk of social media. Could this lawsuit change things within the company?

Christina Hinks did respond to receiving the filing on her blog. She isn’t going to go down without a fight. She points out that several LuLaRoe consultants and insiders have provided information to not only her, but to people all over social media. Calls from the home office have been recorded, screenshots from emails from compliance, and much, much more. The bad publicity being given to LuLaRoe doesn’t fall solely on Hinks, but on several disgruntled former consultants.

The idea that the MLM company filed a lawsuit against Christina Hinks is being called desperate all over social media. Twitter is buzzing about LuLaRoe and their poor management with consultants. There has been some talk about a lawsuit being filed against the company by former consultants, but nothing legitimate has come from that. For now, this is what is happening with the company and Hinks. As things progress and move forward, new revelations will be strewn across social media.

Just as the Halloween capsule leggings are being released, a new slew of bad publicity is being thrown at LuLaRoe. There is some concern that Disney will break ties with the company after announcing their partnership earlier this year. LuLaRoe is set on making Christina Hinks reveal her sources in order to repair their damaged reputation, unfortunately, the business had a hand in it as well.

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