Fans Worry About Kendra Caldwell, Joseph Duggar’s New Wife

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar recently got married in a surprise ceremony a little over a week ago. The happy couple decided not to take a honeymoon and instead stay home. This has prompted rumors that the pair may already be expecting, though rumors are swirling that Joy-Anna, Joseph’s sister, and her husband, Austin, were expecting before their wedding despite having gone on a honeymoon.

Whether or not Kendra Caldwell got pregnant before she tied the knot with Joseph Duggar isn’t really what fans are worried about however. Instead, they worry about the well-being of Kendra, as she is getting married at an incredibly young age. Fans worry that Kendra has been pushed into marriage without much time to think about anything else, and are concerned that she didn’t have time to pursue college or other educational opportunities like many young women her age. Joseph Duggar, however, is one of the few Duggars having gone to university, though he attended an incredibly conservative school rooted in the Bible.

Fans are also concerned that Kendra Caldwell did not have much time to think about her decision to marry Joseph Duggar. They are concerned that the wedding was moved up without much consultation, which gave her even less time to mull over if she really wanted to get married and have babies so young. As all of the Duggar girls (except Jinger Vuolo), have announced their pregnancy just a few months after their wedding, they are concerned this will be expected from Kendra, as well.

On Counting On, however, the 18-year-old Kendra Caldwell was all smiles and extremely excited to become Mrs. Duggar. Although the family’s strict rules are worrisome for many fans of the show, Kendra Caldwell was raised in a faith very similar to that of the Duggars. For her, it is likely not all that different to marry someone from a large family and who may expect her to have children relatively soon.

While rumors are swirling that Kendra is already expecting, all will be revealed in the next few months as fans eagerly await to see whether or not Kendra has announced a pregnancy.

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