Joseph Duggar Reveals Awkward Personality, Shocks Duggar Fans

Joseph Duggar is showcasing his quick courtship and trip to the altar with his now-wife, Kendra Caldwell. Things unfold on Counting On in a unique timeline. Fans get to watch things happen in reverse, knowing the couple already took their vows. Joseph is the second male Duggar to take a wife, and there are plenty of interested viewers waiting to see how this plays out. As their courtship plays out on television, there are some shocking things being revealed about the newlyweds.

There has not been a lot of Joseph Duggar seen in the two years since 19 Kids and Counting was canceled. He has been popular among the ladies, though he didn’t take interest in courting until Kendra Caldwell came along. Even though she may have thought about a courtship with Jedidiah, ultimately, she ended up accepting Joseph’s courtship offer. This romance began around the time Jinger and Jeremy got married last year, and now, it has come full circle.

Counting On aired the beginning of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s courtship earlier this week. Watching the two of them together took fans by surprise. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joseph Duggar being as awkward as he is was shocking to viewers. He has always been pegged as a level-headed guy and a go-getter, but he was incredibly shy and unsure of himself on his first date with Kendra. In fact, it spun a bunch of harsh comments across social media.

As the season progresses, less focus will be on Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar because of Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding planning. There is anticipation that Counting On will be renewed for at least one more season so that Kendra’s wedding planning will be documented as well. The two have only been married for less than a month, with the planning happening in just under four months. Joseph Duggar’s courtship and marriage were the fastest by far.

The personality of all of the Duggar children is so vastly different. The girls have been more assertive that Joseph Duggar has been shown to be on this season of Counting On. Fans are waiting to see how much input he had with the wedding planning and what he plans to do with Kendra Caldwell in the coming months. Will this couple fall pregnant immediately like Joy-Anna and Austin?

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