Johnny Depp Relationships: Ex Managers Use Star’s Family And Friends As Cross-Defendants In Legal Battle

Johnny Depp has been involved in a bitter dispute with his ex-managers of The Management Group and the hits keep on coming for the star, due to TMG’s legal team taking steps that have not only laid bare the actor’s spending, but most recently, have also drawn Depp’s family and friends into the legal action.

The Mendel brothers of TMG insist that if Depp wants repayment, he should seek it from his own sister and close friend. The suit was launched by Johnny back in January over alleged mismanagement of his $60 million fortune and $10 million in unauthorized loans. The Management Group representatives argue that each loan was authorized, and that Depp should therefore appeal to his sister, Christi Dembrowski, whom Depp apparently loaned $7.1 million to over the course of 17 years, as well as a number of others.

The cross-complaint also named Bruce Wilkin, a close childhood friend of Depp’s, who the star allegedly gave an investment of $4 million to for a music studio which never turned a profit. TMG claims they finally told Depp to put a stop on the investment, yet the actor insists that he never authorized the investment.

Variety relays the words within the cross-complaint against the Johnny, which claims that Depp simply is attempting to get out of paying his own debts.

“Depp does not want to repay his debts to TMG. Depp’s objective in filing this action are transparent and designed to falsely stave off the foreclosure of Depp’s real properties in Los Angeles. Depp should be ashamed of the ridiculous, false and baseless positions he is taking in this action.”

The latest update on the case comes after a trying time for the star, who endured a difficult divorce from actress Amber Heard and, although working constantly on filming new projects, has not had much luck at the box office, aside from with the recent installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp has fallen off the Forbes list for highest paid actors, as Huffington Post relays, after being named Hollywood’s most overpaid actor for the year prior.

In addition to claiming Depp was responsible for loans to the stated family members and friends, TMG also revealed the actor’s spending habits over the years, pinning blame also on this as to why Johnny is struggling now.

Other individuals the 54-year-old allegedly authorized loans to include his nephew to whom Depp apparently gave to in the amount of $199,000, and to his assistant for the purpose of buying a house, in the amount of $737,000, and $412,000 to actor Nathan Russo, to assist him in avoiding foreclosure. A number of other loans were mentioned in court documents as well, yet Depp insists that he did not approve the loans, as noted.

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