The Speidi Twosome is Cheap

Isn’t the perk of waiting hand and foot on celebrities getting an awesome tip at the end (and possibly an autograph to hawk on eBay, too)? Obviously Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt don’t consider themselves famous enough for a fat tip: they were recently caught leaving $16 on a $783 bill. Maybe they were just sharing the agony of not being invited to The Hills MTV afterparty?

As if they already weren’t Hollywood’s most unpopular couple, things got even worse when the producer paid $60 out of his own pocket to help cover the gap. The correct tip was supposed to be $117, btw, if we’re going by the standard 15%.

I’ll take the time to point out that Heidi’s dad owns a restaurant, and Spencer has spent enough time in restaurants, being helpless and all. So no excuse really.

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