Paul Abrahamian Not Ruling Out Future Reality Shows After Massive ‘Big Brother 19’ Loss

Big Brother 19 crowned its winner—and it wasn’t this season’s puppetmaster. After masterminding nearly every Head of Household and Power of Veto competition and carefully calculating his final three alliance, Paul Abrahamian landed in second place in the Big Brother game—again. Abrahamian was even wearing the same shirt he wore on last year’s Big Brother finale as he suffered the exact same outcome, this time to unlikely winner Josh Martinez.

Paul Abrahamian’s biggest misstep was underestimating how bitter the Big Brother 19 jury would be toward him and underestimating Martinez’ Big Brother super fandom. But in his backyard interview with Big Brother legend Will Kirby, Paul was surprisingly humbled as he discussed his second loss on the CBS summertime reality show. Paul admitted that he blew it big time on Big Brother.

Dr. Will reminded Paul that he also lost on the game show Candy Crush earlier this summer, and asked him what reality show he’d like to lose next.

“I blew it big time,” Abrahamian admitted of his Big Brother loss.

“Look CBS, keep tossing [reality shows] at me and I’ll keep losing. If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s losing close. Keep sending them my way.”

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Dr. Will suggested that Paul Abrahamian try his luck at The Price is Right or Survivor.

“Toss me on the Price is Right,” Paul said. “The price will definitely be wrong because I’ll lose.”

Paul said he wasn’t sure how he’d do on the “surviving” part of Survivor, but he said he’d be down for the social game aspect of the show.

Paul Abrahamian also revealed that he expects to hear that he was robbed of the Big Brother grand prize once again this season. Paul said he heard it last year and knows he will hear it again. Kirby, who won the second season of Big Brother, revealed that he has already heard from past Big Brother winners that Abrahamian should have won this season of CBS’ long-running reality show.

Paul Abrahamian explained that CBS brought him back to Big Brother this season as the only veteran and that he had to swindle 15 people to get to the Final 2.

“I’m proud that I’m a vet who came back and played Big Brother again,” Paul said. “I didn’t sit back and watch. I played the hell out of it. And if that dictates second place again, I’ll take it with pride.”

[Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

Paul Abrahamian didn’t away from the Big Brother 19 game a complete loser. As the Big Brother runner-up, Paul Abrahamian scored $50,000, a fraction of winner Josh Martinez’ half-million dollar prize.

You can see Paul Abrahamian’s Big Brother backyard interview with Will Kirby below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

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