Camilla Parker-Bowles The Next Queen Of England? Prince William Training To Be King Since He Was Young

The ascension of the throne has been a hot topic in the most recent months, especially after the release of Princess Diana’s secret tapes. While common sense dictates that Prince Charles is the rightful heir to the throne after Queen Elizabeth, many people are becoming more inclined to seeing the throne passed onto Charles and Diana’s son, Prince William. Will Camilla Parker-Bowles ever stand a chance at becoming the Queen of England?

Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ love triangle is quite an infamous one. The secrets of their messy and complicated relationship have been recently brought back to the spotlight following the release of Princess Diana’s secret interviews, wherein she talked about her thoughts and feelings about her marriage to Princess Charles and his affair with Camilla.

The revelations in the said footage has sparked outrage and anger amongst British people, stating that Princess Diana did not deserve to live that kind of life and that Prince Charles and Camilla do not deserve to get their happily ever after. This is one of the reasons why many people are becoming more in favor or seeing Queen Elizabeth hand over the throne to Prince William and Kate Middleton instead.

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Even Queen Elizabeth may be sharing the same sentiments as the public, as People reports that the Queen and Prince William have a “special closeness” between them. Robert Lacey, who is a consultant of the Netflix drama The Crown, told the publication that the same is not true for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, whom he described as having a “prickly relationship.”

Lacey discussed that the Queen has been teaching Prince William on how to be a King even when he was still young. This close relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince William has long been known to the public, as the Duke of Cambridge’s earlier interview revealed that the Queen is the “best role model” for him.

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While Kate Middleton and Prince William may be the most suitable candidates to take over the throne in the eyes of the public, Closer Weekly notes that Prince Charles will still be the rightful heir to the throne. This leads us to the next question: “What about his wife, Camilla?”

According to the publication, there is a possibility that the Duchess of Cambridge may be given the title of a Queen despite the laws laid out on the Royal family. Many are also finding it weird that the Clarence House is now refusing to comment on questions on whether or not Camilla will become the next Queen of England, which strengthens speculations that Camilla will get the title after all.

The publication notes that the British Royal family may be simply waiting for the right time until the people can fully accept Camilla as their next Queen. Camilla and Prince Charles’ reputation has been tainted after their affair was made known to the public, but the Royal family is reportedly letting things simmer down before naming Camilla as the next Queen of England.

Do you think Camilla Parker-Bowles stands a chance at becoming a Queen? Or do Prince William and Kate Middleton deserve the title more?

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